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So if you have the time, here is a short story of how and why we came to be..

We're a few crazy artists that decided it would be fun to move the publishing company on its head by offering everyone a chance to have their artwork and name credited and published in books and magazines. All while having access to the newest and best self-promotional features available for artists, animators, film makers, photographers, essentially everyone in the creative industry.

M.A.P. (Mad Artist Publishing Ltd. & Sketchoholic) is a not for profit organization composed of professional team of successful artists and web developers led by Marcin Migdal; Marcin is responsible for many successful social communities and educational cms platforms that include Schoolism.com, AeroCinema.com, CacheMetals.com, FunnyBang.com, VideoManagementWebsites.com and currently consults at top Advertising Agencies. 

In 2010 Marcin was recruited by Canadian Youth Business Foundation as a business and marketing mentor to young entrapreneurs and start-up companies. He enjoyed working with people and their ideas so much that in 2011 after Marcin sold a portion of his software company, he decided that it was the right time to give back to his fellow artists and the creative community. As creativity was a huge factor of Marcin's life, one time on the weekend he noticed that a lot of the artwork that was produced for the website's contests was archived and never looked at again. He decided to slap together a quick 20 page layout and showcase the winners of the contests and he used an interactive flipbook software he had created to present it on the website; Sketchozine.com series of books was born, the first book was called Sketchozine.com Vol1: Contests. The engagement of the members and the postive response is what prompted him to pursue this idea and layout a whole book on his own and learn as he goes along.

Marcin transitioned the software he used to create DailyTalent.com into Sketchoholic and fueled the growth and functionality of the site which in March 2013 received the biggest facelift thus far. Early beginnings of Sketchoholic included Bobby Chiu, but both parted ways to focus on their individual endavours. 

Instead of worrying about selling books to make a profit, we worried about the quality of work and educational aspect of the books. We quickly adapted the QR code technology and became the first publisher in the world to create interactive printed books to link with external URLs and videos. 

The MAP and Sketchoholic team now employs and takes on various volunteers that make it the mean online machine it is. A few active members of our team include(d) Jennifer Morales, Jawad Ahmad, Alellie Gomez, Isis Sousa, Juanpablo Castromora, Steven Yamasaki, Anna Yamasaki, Karolina Kuczar, Clint Geddes, James Pearce, Angel Brkic, Harmonie Wong and let's not forget Mr. Arnaldo Pedrosa Quintini who joing MAP mid way through the first Magazine as an Art Director.

Videos you say? Yes, this was also a great accident, in July 2011 we launched www.Youtube.com/MadArtistPublishing channel to promote artists, post artist interviews, workshops and showcase student short animated films. Looks like the concept worked..today we are a Partner of Mondo Media, Disney and many other great companies. We distribute our publications to top creative companies in the world that recruit and offer employment opportunities to them.

So get on the M.A.P. and send in your artwork.