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At Mad Artist Publishing and Sketchoholic, we understand that art challenges are a great for you all to push your skills and take part in fun lighthearted competitions. We are creating a brand new interface to run contests on website that will be fair, easy and anyonymous. We all know you loved our anonymous submission and voting in our older version of Sketchoholic website and we are bringing that back to you in a better way. Too many people are swayed by other's opinion, we will ensure that our new interface will hide names of participants until the voting is complete to reduce on voting for similar images. For the time being, if you wish to enter any art contest or illustration challenge, simply follow this help section FAQ and sharpen your pencils or load your batteries into your tablet pen and win great prizes and original art in the process!. Remember every artist was a beginner at one point, so get their art before they're famous :)


Anyone can join an art competition or contest or an illustration challange. There are no fees ever to participate and you keep all the copyrights to your artwork. All submissions to the contests are automatically considered for publishing along with your name in our digital and/or printed books. Please ensure that you upload high resolution images (300dpi) (under 5 megabytes) image submissions to the contest folder. Unless stated otherwise you may upload older artworks for any topic required in the description.

At this time, to upload your submissions you must be a member of, Register for free if you aren't a member. Once inside click MY IMAGES from your dashboard then UPLOAD (Note: You must have at least 1 album created to add images). On the upload screen, enter a short title for your image, choose your album and ensure you select THE CORRECT PUBLIC FOLDER for the contest as specified in the contest description. Please keep track of your time as you created your artwork, enter the approximate hours it took you create the illustration and what tools you used, ex. Wacom Tablet, Photoshop, pencils. (If you happen to screen capture the process of your illustration, feel free to add it to youtube and attach a URL in your description. When complete, Click SUBMIT and await the announcement after contest is closed. You may submit up to 3 images per contest. Images must be minimum 7.25"W x 10.25"H or do a double page spread at 14.25"W x 10.25"H. We prefer 300dpi CMYK/RGB submissions, but you're welcome to submit the highest artwork you have. Make sure you upload RGB files only. 

If the image is part of a book contest by an artist or we decide to one day use it as part of a collective book. You want to ensure that your public profile is completed as that is the information we will print in our books. Ensure you EDIT the PROFILE from your DASHBOARD by clicking ME first. Enter your Professional Biography, upload your avatar image and your background banner image (just like on facebook). Upload your resume PDF/DOC if you wish, and enter your other portfolio websites and gallery urls such as DeviantArt, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Certain winners also receive their own full page spread with a collage of their artworks and a short Bio about them that may be published in our artists' books if they allow it. So we suggest you add your Portfolio images to your account's albums, if you have any screen captured videos such as timelapses of your artwork we highly recommend this, as it shows potential employers and clients your thought process and additional skillsets of video editing.

We may require your mailing address so make sure your email address and or Facebook accounts are correct when our team decides to contact you. You may also receive access to our books as part of the prizes, if you do receive a prize as per contest description, your books or items will be located in your PURCHASES section from the DASHBOARD when you login. It is recommended your Facebook account is added on your profile. Please LIKE our community groups and subscribe to our newsletter for contests, giveaways, deals and upcoming calls for entries. Please take a minute to like or subscribe to the following:

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Please only submit FINISHED ENTRIES when uploading images, unfinished entries will not qualify for publishing or promotion. An unfinished entry is something that looks like a quick sketch, but is not finalized. While sketches and scanned images are acceptable, we will use common sense to decide if an image was simply rushed to get their names in the publication.

Please note, a minimum of 15 participants and entries are required for any Sketchoholic art contest to qualify for printed book prizes. If the contest has 14 entries or less the printed book prizes or artist original sketches may not be given away, it will be up to the judges to determine. The prizes will be substituted for digital ebooks and the layout of your artwork will still be added to the ebook, if that was a prize.  

If you have additional questions, please email us at or find us on Facebook.