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Perhaps you’ve always wanted to publish a professional or creative portfolio to leave behind at your meetings and pitches, or you’re a veteran artist and would like to publish a book with your works and educational content aimed to teach others, or you are about to graduate or look for a job and want to differentiate yourself from the other applicants. If you have an idea for a book that might be of interest to someone outside of your family, you’re already ahead of most people, so now let and us turn your dream and idea into reality for free. Did you know the fastest way to credibility and fame is by being an expert in a specific field, and nothing solidifies that better than putting your hard work and knowledge in a publication and sharing it with others. Our tools and professional team has been working with the authors below to make their books exceptional and their lives have changed only for the better. They’ve attracted new clients, received job offers and became popular in their social circles. The power of publishing knows no boundaries, and with a royalty structure up to 40% and free design services from Mad Artist Publishing Team you have nothing to lose. We’ll produce, print, promote and sell your book(s) in any language and work with you ever step of the way to make a book you’ll be proud of. Don’t spend another minute thinking what if, start pushing your book and bring people to you. Learn more by visit BookPushers now.


We make Publishing your art book easy!

1. Add your Images - Upload all your portfolio images to Sketchoholic. Upload your artwork and sketches to your account, as many as you're proud of.2. Tell everyone about it. Share your with everyone and tell them to PUSH your book. 
2. SHARE & PUSH your book - iIn order to get your book made for free, you only need 250 of your friends, colleagues or strangers to push your book. Pushing tells us that people like your art and they want to see it in a book. If they like it, we will as well and make your book.
3. We design the book - Your book will be professionally designed with your input and published as printed, ebook and online flipbook, then placed on our BookStore, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
4. Receive Royalties - Your book will be sold through our channels and you'll receive up to 40% royalties from the sales. You'll track them all in your dashboard. 
5. Promotion - When your book is completed, you'll host a drawing contest on Sketchoholic and give your fans a chance of being published in your book.

What is PUSHING?

PUSHING is a feature only on Sketchoholic. Once your art is on your public profile, anyone can visit your page and if they like your art so much that they think it should be turned into a book, then they will click PUSH button. It tells us that they would want to see it as a book and perhaps buy your book as a printed or digital media. This allows us to test the market and see if your artwork is popular enough to sell. If you can't get all pushes needed you can still make your book with us, keep reading.

So I can have my own printed book?

Correct, once you reach the required number of pushes (As shown on your public profile when you upload 15 images into your portfolio), we will work with you to design, layout, publish, print, promote, then sell your book in printed and digital ebook form and give you a royalty commision on all the sales.

What kind of books can I make?

We specialize in Full Color Sketchbooks, Illustration books, comic books, Photographer Sketchbooks (Note, inside pages are bright white matte, not GLOSS). Our Interactive PDF's are for every genre, from photographers, to sculptors, to caricature artists and children stories. We do not make adult content, artistic nudity is accepted.

What kind of books can I make?

We specialize in Full Color Sketchbooks, Illustration books, comic books, Photographer Sketchbooks (Note, inside pages are bright white matte, not GLOSS). Our Interactive PDF's are for every genre, from photographers, to sculptors, to caricature artists and children stories. We do not make adult content, artistic nudity is accepted.

What's the point of PUSHING?

There are thousands of artists, some are talented, some are gifted, some are hard working. We can't make books for everyone... YET. Those that want to make a living as an artist,photographer or animator will do what it takes to get their name and work out there and show the world what they got. We like working with these types of artists and we have those artists help us help them. The concept of Book Pushing is simple, give anyone the ability to add their images and allow people to vote on their book through Pushing. Then let the community push the portfolios they like the most. The portfolios that have enough people supporting them by pushing to shelf get made. Mad Artist Team of Designers, Art Directors will help you design, promote, publish and print your book for free. It will not be just any artbook, this book will take you to the next level of professionalism and will be your brand new calling card in the industry. On top of that, you will receive royalty on sales of your book products forever. The faster you spread the word of your Sketchoholic profile and portfolio, the faster you'll get your pushes and the faster your book will be made.

What if I don't get enough PUSHES?

We don't want you to get discouraged because you haven't received Pushes and support as fast as other artists. You are a creative person, and not a marketing executive. 95% of creative people are just that, creative and most have never taking self promotion seriously. This will change if you want to make a book with us, we have resources and will help you. But only you can put in the time required into getting more fans across your social channels; more fans equal more sales. You should have a website, a youtube channel, a blog, a facebook fan page and twitter, it you don't start them today and you can only go up from here and get more known. Don't ever get discouraged, there are too many people that give up before they reach their goal. Talk to our Administrators on if you have questions this FAQ doesn't answer or read our articles. The longer you delay, the longer you'll be where you are now.

I don't want to wait for PUSHES?

You can win pushes by entering contests, or purchasing pushes at $2 USD Each. If you have 200 pushes, and still need 50, you can continue telling people about your portfolio or you can just purchase $100 worth of pushes and we'll start making your book. Contact if you'd like to purchase Pushes. 

How many pages will my book have?

Our books range from 44 to 140 pages (With our internal ads). The more content you give us to work with, the more pages we will allow you. If you are willing to write short articles, provide us with short videos or timelapse drawing or painting video session we'll give you more pages. The harder you work, the more you will get in return. We create each book based on the personality of the artist author. Specs: Trim size is 7"Width x 10"Height + 0.125 Bleed, 300DPI Quality, JPG saved CMYK files. We can convert other formats and RGB. 

Royalty structure

You start with 40% royalty payouts on all ebook, printed book and video workshops. Due to our printer and shipper arrangements, we can only offer up to 44 pages including our internal advertisements for free which includes 40% royalty commision on all sales after fees paid to the author artists. After 44 pages we must pay additional fees for any template changes which are passed onto you. For each 6 additional pages we add onto your book, we reduce your royalty by 2%. For example. A book that's 50 pages will give you 38% Royalty, where a book that's 104 pages (60 more) will make your royalty be 20% instead of 40%. We offer up to 140 pages, where the royalty minimum is 20%.

How much can I make from my book?

Your Royalty starts at 40% for 44 page book and goes down to 20% for a book up 104 + Pages. Your monthly sales are depandent on your popularity, quality of work, your existing network, your current and future promotion and marketing and your reivew and give aways. You won't become a millionaire, but you can have a good stream of income coming in on the side ($200 - $700 a month). The more important questions is: What YOU DO with the book. If you simply have us design it and expect us to promote and sell your book, you will enjoy a few sales a week or month, but if you want to make a difference in your life, start reading up on self promotion, read our articles and start getting yourself out there and networking. You can use the book to secure a better job in the industry or get better freelance gigs. Sales depend on your popularity, your community engagement, how much information and value is inside your book. We have books that earn $0USD for weeks, other artists enjoy $200 a month, others $1000 a month in ongoing commission royalties. Remember people that will purchase your book, video workshop want to know about your technique, but they mostly want to know about how you got to where you are, how you persevere where so many artists have failed and what keeps you moving forward. The more valuable information you provide inside your book and video workshops, the more you will earn.

Who picks what images go inside?

You send us all of the images you think are worthy of publishing and we will create the layout from them, then send you the PDF to review and write text to. You should send us as many images as you can, and please send us a seperate archive of your sketches, works in progress, roughs to drop in betwen the final images, these are what make the book into a book. Other artists want to see your concepts and your struggles, not just the final product.

If you aren't sure which images should be published, let the community vote. Once you have 15 images on your portfolio and are pushing your book, buttons called "NOMINATE FOR PUBLISHING" will appear on all your profile images, send your link to eveyrone you know and have them nominate which images should go inside. We will look at this to grab the popular picks. The book will be art directed by you as well, so you will know exactly what will end up in the book and have a chance of swapping images for others if you don't like our choice during the entire development of the book.

How long does it take to complete my book?

Once you have BOOK MAKING Access, the process will take from 45 - 90 days depending on the complexity of your book, and how fast you provide us with text, articles, high resolution images, process breakdowns, videos, anything that you and us agree on to complete your book. 

How do I upload files and see it in production?

Once you have BOOK MAKING ACCESS, you will upload all your files through your Sketchoholic Dashboard using UPLOAD BOOK FILES button. There are book making instructions in there that will suggest and guide you through the process. Video files should be uploaded to your Youtube account and sent to us inside a document as a private link, our team will grab the files from there and rework them. Once we have a title of your book, a cover image and a description of the book, we will create a dedicated URL on our storefront where you will be able to see and point your fans to see the book in production as its being made. 

What do I need to do first?

Join for free, write your professional artist profile bio, then upload a minimum of 15 images to your portfolio with additional album for sketches if you have any. Upload as many images you have, please note just because you don't think it's good, doesn't mean we won't, many artists don't appreciate their own good work, so upload as many images as you can, and let our editors do their magic and pick from your portfolio. Remember to Add titles and descriptions to the images as you upload them (Include how long it took you in hours to complete them, what tools were used and what process. This will help later with the breakdowns of the images).

So, there my book will be designed and printed for free?

Yes, if you don't go over the 44 pages, and you have reached all pushes or are granted BOOK MAKING ACCESS it's all free. And we will send you one free printed copy when we finish your book as well. 

How will I know how much I'm selling?

When your book is completed, you will receive access to your own accounting control panel inside our website, where you will see monthly updates to your Amazon sales, and realtime sales from our store on digital and printed books and video workshops. You will also gain access to all your Book Promos which you will be expected to use and share around the internet while continuosly promoting yourself and the book and shifting people to our store along with us. Please note, the books are not going to make you a millionaire, but they can give you a few hundred a month, but you must market your book, get people to review your book and more, this means you must purchase copies of your book to send to reviewers. We will give you access to the eBook you may provide to your reviewers, but do not give away your book for free as you'll be sabotaging your own sales.

How much will my book cost?

The books will be sold via our Store as eBOOKS for $10 - $12.95 USD on average. Printed books will be sold for average $19.95, Amazon will have the same prices unless they offer their own discounts. You as the artist will receive wholesale cost on the book, so you can buy the books and sell them offline, your cost will be on average $10. We hope you will create video workshops as added educational content for the book, these type of workshops increase the value of the book as we create interactive QR Codes for them inside the printed book. See some of the books at

What do I do once my book is made and published?

You must start promoting and marketing your book like crazy, do contests, facebook, tweet and do anything you can to let everyone know of your book. We will also promote your book as best as we can. We understand many artists wish to skip the important step of self promotion, but this is what you'll need to do to make money as an artist. Put down your pencil for a few hours a week, and google SELF PROMOTION.

How do I put my book on Amazon? 

We do it for you, we will place your ebook and printed book on our the stores and send you urls to promote if you wish, however we strongly advise against promoting AMAZON DIRECT Links, because they take 70% commission from the sales leaving you with almost nothing. Amazon is a brand and its great to tell your clients and friends your name is searchable on amazon, but trust us don't send your facebook fans there unless you want to give up a large portion of your sales. You will have a ISBN number and a barcode associated with your title, which we will take care of. 

Important specs for your image uploads.

You can upload as many images as you wish to your portfolio. The images you want to qualify as pages that will make up the book must follow the specifications:

7.25"x10.25" in size.
JPG Format High Quality images at 300 DPI CMYK/RGB
Maximum of 3.5 megabytes in size.

You should send your High Quality JPG format images in the dimensions of 7.25"x10.25" 300DPI CMYK. This includes Bleed of .125" all the way around. The final trimmed book will be 7"x10". Bleed is when the printed elements on the page go off the edge of the sheet leaving no blank margin between the printed area and the edge of the sheet. In order for this to occur on every copy of the cover extra image or colour area is required to compensate for any movement in the printing process. Although we offer many book sizes, we have established a standard size of 7"x10" + .125" bleed for your books. If you choose to create an educational book with us, you may have a choice of opting for another size. However this size is by far the best in our opinion. The preferred colour space is CMYK. The colour space of cameras and scanners is RGB. If you do not have the software to convert your images to CMYK just send them in RGB, we will convert the images and our software will still print the images though colours may not be as vibrant. We have established guidelines for paper choice based on years of experience and your book will be printed with the same quality as the trade paperback books on

What content will be inside my book?

Of course you don't know how to make a book, but we do! We'll guide you every step of the way and as soon as you reach your PUSHER status, you will gain access to templates that you will easily follow to complete the pages as required for print, our profesional designers will design the book's layout for you. You will have a total of 20 pages to work with, you will be responsible in making 4 additional breakdown & image synopsis pages that will explain the concept behind the image, the tools you used, the approximate time of completion. You will also be required to provide at least one inspirational or educational URL that has helped you and would like to share with others. There will be additional internal pages about our services and other books promos that will fit your genre of work. These advertisements spread the word of our services and give those that support our mission a chance to be recognized as well. And these are what will make you be identified as a credible artist as well. When you have professional organiztions that include MAP, and Disney behind you, you are in a whole other category. So make sure you use this promotion to your best abilities.

What else do I need to to qualify for making a book?

There is a big of work and lots of resources that our team will devote in making your book happen as well, so you will be expected to do the same, if you don't have time to devote to this, do not start your project, you can still push your book, but we can add your book to a queue until you are ready. Trust us, you will like the end result and it will be well worth the effort. And remember don't get discouraged if you don't start selling many books in the beginning if you haven't been actively promoting yourself on the web, it takes time, but if your product is good, THEY WILL COME with time!. You will be required to download and sign a publishing agreement before we publish the book, all the artwork is always owned by you, and you are simply agreeing to produce the book under a non exclusive publishing agreement.

What about my book pushers and fans?

Without your PUSHER Fans you wouldn't have a chance to make your book for free. We are allowing you to acknowledge everyone that backs your book in a single page, that means every person that helps you PUSH your book will have their name printed in the book as well. And each person that preorders your book will have their contact URLS (website, FB) printed as well. So make sure you let them know!

Legal Stuff

Intellectual Property (IP) Rights - in all cases you will retain 100% of the IP rights for your title when using Mad Artist Publishing. You are free at any point to use any other service or printer. The only right we need to be given is the right to reproduce the title based on the layout and design we provide you with, without that we can't legally print the book.

Copyright - Copyright law is a big topic and for any definitive answers you're best to talk to a good intellectual property lawyer. But, the gist of it is this: copyright is implied at creation. If you write a novel, the copyright is "yours". The challenge is establishing a timeline of "when" you created the novel, because in a copyright case, who came up with it first, will usually win. So, registering your title with copyright agencies like the US Copyright Office or in Canada CIP. Title - The title of your book is not subject to copyright and in all likely hood there's a bunch more books out there called the very same thing.

Liable - You are completely liable should your artwork or title infringe on someones copyright or contain defamatory statements Product or company names - Using a trademarked name in your book is generally fine as long as it doesn't appear to confuse the reader. Saying, "Bob took a sip of Coke" will not be a problem. Saying, "Bob, hopped in his brand new Coca-Cola roadster and drove off." will confuse the brand and might get you in trouble.

Contracts - You don't actually have a contract with us, simply an agreement. Either party can exit at any point without penalty.

I think I can trick your site?

Well, we would hope you wouldn't, afterall, we are doing this as a non for profit organization with support of awesome sponsors, schools and international renowned artists. If we catch that you are abusing your PUSHES by creating fake accounts, we will ban your IP and that of those supporters we find to be abusive. There is a limit of 5 pushes per month that you can have at this point, so please choose the projects carefully.