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We welcome all inquiries and feedback. Please use the following urls and email to contact us and our team regarding book suggestions, advertising, affiliations and sponsorships. If you would like to donate or sponsor any book or pages within our book projects or video productions use the email address below. We have been taking on many film festival projects and guidebooks, if you would like us to create your interactive book and possibly provide you with content, please write to us at

If you are thinking of being promoted, belonging to our Talent Agency for freelance opportunities or would like to publish a book, visit

If you are an organization, a museum or a gallery and you'd like to collaborate on a catalogue or any other publication, please write to us with your details. If you would like to explore co-publishing opportunities or partner in any way, also write to our Editor-in-Chief Marcin Migdal. 

Please note that we receive a large volume of unsolicited proposals. While we will read and consider all of them, we are unable to respond to every one, however much we would like to. We do not accept any unsolicited submissions from individual artists, create a portfolio and start there :)

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Feel free to contact our team on Facebook, but we do screen our accounts, so make sure you write a message with your intention, so we know you're not soliciting. Visit the team page.