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Hi! You're here because you want to publish your own book, because you want your film to win awards or you are considering to be an animator, artist, painter, photographer, special effects person, or you just like to create awesome glass vases. Either way, we specialize in getting talent recognized for their hard work and getting them promoted and seen by top employers and peers in their industries. We do everything that the art or animation school you went to can't or won't after you graduate, we take your work and shine a big fat light on it getting you recognition you deserve. We are partners with top companies that include Disney and Mondo Media that believe "everyone deserves exposure" and they work with us to showcase and feature talent like you.

We scout for talent and help them get their foot in the door, we have started a talent agency composed of specialized talent around the world that we use to pitch for Advertising, Film and Production projects. We also submit and represent films at Film Festivals. Our books and materials are distributed to the biggest and smallest film production, video game and post production companies, advertising agencies, galleries in the world. THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER GETTING ON THE MAP (Mad Artist Publishing) and register now.

Below you'll find questions and answers about how we do things here at MAP (Mad Artist Publishing and Sketchoholic Talent Community) and how to get started in making your own book. If you have any questions simply LIKE US and message us on www.Facebook.com/MadArtistPublishing , www.Facebook.com/Sketchoholic or email us at madartistpublishing@gmail.com


What do you guys do again?
What is Publishing and why would I want or need my own book?
I have Talent, but I don't draw... what genre of books do you design and publish?
What does the publisher really do?
I'm ready, what's the process and cost of making a book?
Have you worked with anyone famous?
Why go with Mad Artist Publishing?

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How can having my own book / ebook help my career?
How much does it cost to have my own book published with Mad Artist?
Where will my book be sold, how much can I make?
Can I sell my prints and other stuff through Mad Artist or sketchoholic?
Do I still own my content and copyright if I publish a book with Mad Artist?
What is the MAP Productions and Talent Agency I heard about?


We get you promoted, polished and put you in front of opportunity that will change your life. We represent and promote brilliant talent around the world and make kick ass books which we distribute to top professionals in the creative industry to get your foot in the foot in the door and get your name recognized in the industry. We specialize in designing and making books for many types of artists, photographers, musiscians and more.

There are so many talented people out there, it's often the ones that stand out that are noticed. Soon we will have "ART OF SELF PROMOTION" book available for all of you, until then we will give you help through using our website. Essentially, you want your own book so 

will be posting on our website soon along with workshops, it's important to be proactive and do more than just be and be an expert in your field. Opportunities are around you, but you have to put yourself out there. Having

Artists are always looking for ways to stand out, promote themselves or their freelance service, and get validation for their offerings. Having a book; Whether it's a professional sketch portfolio we offer or an education book with artworks only or with articles will you give the extra edge over your competition. Being associated with credible and industry organizations gives you the added area of credibility. Being under Mad Artist Publising umbrella and being part of our Artist Series of Talent Agency gives you instant clout, not too mention we have a knack for spotting talent that goes places in a short amount of time. Associating yourself with a credible publisher in the creative industry will expand your reach and will get you in front of new employers, clients and get you a bigger fanbase faster and easier. Not to mention, we (MAP) will market and promote the heck out of your work and help you make some money as well. By having a book created with Mad Artist Publishing you automatically receive the credibility of being under the umbrella of a world recognized company and you will be seen as a credible individual in your field. Your book will include internal promotions we have with many of creative companies around the world that include Disney, Mondo Media, Shadowness.com, itsartmag.com, Elfwood.com, and many other communities that we partnered and work with.

At the very least, when you hand someone a book you published, it’s more impressive than handing a business card. It shows that you have enough expertise to compile a book. It also shows you value the relationship with the potential customer enough that you are willing to give him something of value. Something you created.

While we started out as illustration books, we have quickly expanded to various genres of Fine Art, Illustration, 3D Animation & Modeling, Photography and we are now working on a Film Book, Sculpture Book, Interactive Music Book, and a Enteraining Cooking Show Book. Talent is talent in our eyes, if we think you deserve to be seen, we'll do our best to get you noticed. Contact us and show us your work, whatever the medium is, and we will take it from there.

These are a few things involved in legitimate printed and digital book publishing and promotion. The publisher pays for many of these fees and devotes significant resources to each project they take on. Mad Artist Publishing for example handles the ongoing costs of distribution, hosting of books, accounting, processing, design and ensures that the books it produces and creates are of high quality layout and content. MAP team will handle majority of the design and marketing of the book, however there are many things that the author will be required to do as well to ensure the profitability of the book itself. There are strategic and business decisions that will make you be more credible and with our partnerships we can make that happen, whereas on your own, you rely on yourself only. MAP professionals design the book’s exterior and interior elements, select the type, lay out the pages with the sidebars and illustrations, and choose cover art. This step does not excuse author from delivering required materials in accordance with the schedule and timetable set out by the Publisher. The publisher handles the copyright, provides the contract agreements, obtains a unique ISBN barcode for each book, sets the cover price, gets the printed books shipped to wholesalers and/or distributors, and handles the arrangements for any special wholesale orders. Marketing specialists and the author are responsible to seek book reviews and cover quotes, prepare cover blurbs, promotion materials, news releases and announcements. Sales personnel solicit orders from bookstores and other outlets.

There are considerable financial outlay with no guarantees of a profit for the publisher, that is why MAP takes on books with individuals it believes to be driven and hungry for bigger and better opportunities that come from being a renowned artist.

Prior to making a book with you, we will review your portfolio and dedication to your field. So send your portfolio facebook, deviantart, or sketchoholic url to us via Facebook or madartistpublishing@gmail.com along with your BIO. We cannot make books with everyone, only those serious individuals that will also become marketeers once the book is complete and make use of the book to advance their career. Once we like your portfolio and we determine you have time and believe in yourself we will present you with an agreement to determine the book’s viability, to predict the probable sales based on the content value add in the book.

You can preview an example of an agreement here. Each agreement is slightly different to ensure that each person gets what they require from the project. If you are approached by our Team, you will not be required to pay any fees at all, please note almost all of our books feature interactive video elements, which help in saes of the books. Please be prepared to create these videos with our assistance. In order to get you famous, you need to step from behind your work and let your fans get to know you. If you would like a your own book but we did not approach you, you can still qualify to have your book made, but there will be a $300USD fee for all North American Customers and $150USD for all other international authors.

We work with famous people every day, we have interviewed Oscar nominated Animators and Directors, including Academy Award nominee Julien Bocabeille from the film Oktapodi, A Short Love Story's in Slow Motion's Director and Animator Carlos Lascano. Legendary Illustrator & Painters Greg Hildebrandt, John Howe, Digital Artist Michael Oswald, Renowned Illustrator and Artists Jason Seiler, Jeff Stahl, Alberto Russo, Anthony Geoffroy, Cesar Santos, David Jon Kassan, Grigor Eftimov, Jeremy Geddes, Sean Cheetham, Sterling Hundley and William Wray, Saturno Butto, Alexandra Manukyan, Patrick Brown, David Boudreau, Photographer Julia Kuzmenko, Sue Bryce, Anastasia Volkova, Nathalia Suellen, Jean Ospiyan and hundreds and hundreds more talented individuals. Many of the individuals above have either produced books with us or been featured and interviewed as guest artists in our publications. Rest assured you'll fit right in with the greats we work with and they don't bite.

We represent international talent and employers from North America are not always keen to deal with the laws, governments, currency exchange. With us, we take care of all this along with negotiations. We know from working with all of you that companies will try to take advantage of your talent because you are in a distant country where the average salary is low, we will negotiate fair fees on your behalf so you don't feel taken advantage of. You just worry about delivering the best quality of work you can.

The best part is you have instant credibility as an artist, you will have a professionally designed and educational book you can use to get your own freelance gigs or use to secure a job. You will be added on international Amazon website and other distributer lists and you will earn royalties from printed and digital book sales, you won't become a millionaire, but you will experience an increase in other opportunities coming your way. You will be non exclusive to our roster, meaning you can still be with other agencies if you wish.

With so many companies now subscribing and looking at our books and many people asking us to create animations, characters, illustrations via our Youtube channel, we felt this service can benefit not only the great talent that we deal with, but the video game, film production studios and even advertising agencies around the world that are looking for different styles of artwork that they may not yet be aware of.

Our service will not only give you instant credibility, respect in the industry, you will also end up with a professional and cool book that you can buy for $8 USD and sell for whatever you wish and we will sell it to create residual income for you. In our roster, you each artist will have the possibility of working from home on great projects for great companies and be fairly compensated. We will ensure that no artist is taken advantage of on a project no matter where they are in the world and be fairly compensated under our representation. Your book will also be promoted and sold just as all of our other books on out Bookstore and on Amazon as printed and digital books, giving you credibility as an artist in your industry and among your peers.

What is this MASTERS COLLECTION SERIES I heard about?
You show us your portfolio, and if we feel your work is professional enough to showcase to companies and employers, we will make an introductory 44 + page full color book with you, promote it, distribute it and help you sell it. You will also be put in our roster of artists that we pitch to game studios, film production and post production companies, design agencies and other industry companies and employers.

We will help you turn your sketches and or concept art or photography into a professional, well thought out and backed publication available for purchase in Printed hardcopy Trade Edition, PDF, iPAD and interactive Flipbook. All you need is 20 pieces to get started, don't worry if you don't get selected to be part of our master series collection, you can still have your book designed and published with us under the Artist Series Collection.

What does it mean to be in your Roster of Master artists and how does it work?
This means, we will distribute your book to our network of companies and employers and our clients will have the option of browsing your book and choosing your expertise for any project that comes to us or we pitch for, whether it's concept art for a video game, mobile game or ink work for comics, covers for novels, advertising illustration or anything else. When you are chosen we will contact you directly and you will have the opportunity to accept it or not. We will become your non exclusive agent, In return the company will pay Mad Artist Publishing a 20% fee and you get the rest. We take care of the contracts, negotiations, you just worry about delivering the best quality work you can.

What do I need to make a book?
Well at this point, we like to think we know what we're doing when it comes to making books that employers, fans and companies want to see and read. You don't need to show all your work, we help you pick 15 - 20 of your best pieces and we art direct the layout. You also need to provide us with 15 - 20 advice tips or techniques and image details, one for each image we choose. At times we also include sketches, articles or interview wi th you if you have one. Your book can be more pages, in fact you can go all the way up to 70 pages if you wish, download the agremeent PDF to see what the difference in cost is between each choice. We give people not only a collection of your art, your artwork can be found anywhere on the web, we want to give people a taste of who you are and your personality and showcase a professional polished artist that you are.

If I paint and do caricatures and do photography, do I have to pick only one type of work or can i do a mix of all in 1 book?
We're not going to tell you what to do, we will suggest to you that if you want to be seen as an expert in something you focus on that one thing until you are a master at it. You can do half the pages showing your illustration for example and half the pages showing your photography images, but the flow of the book will be odd and the readers will think you are cheapening out by squeezing more stuff into one book and you are not focused. Sad but true, we know, we asked!. It's like having a business card that says you are an Illustrator on the front and you're a professional photographer on the back, would you really think he is an expert in both?. So to remedy this, you make two books, and use each book to promote yourself to different sets of clients, then you will be seen as an expert in both fields. Again, that's only our recommendation.

Do you refuse Artists for the Master Collection?
Just like you, we want to have professional products to send to our companies. Because the projects that video game and film production companies are high skilled, we can only take on artists that we feel are ready to be showcased, that doesn't mean you need 10 years experience, that means, your work and you are professional, polished and skilled. We need to be confident that if we accept you in our roster of talent and give you a project from a reputable company, you deliver it on time and above expectations. Our reputation is on the line when we promote you, if you don't deliver, not only will you be affected, but all the other artists in our roster, as they may not get another chance to work with that company.

How long does it take to make a book?
If you follow our direction, you can be finished in 10 days, but you will have 3 weeks to get yours done, and we will guide you every step of the way. You MUST be committed to get things done when we ask you, failure to do so, will get your kicked out and your fees will be forfeited as we cannot get back our setup fees from our vendors after we configure the book.

What about guest artists in my book?
Guest artists are only offered in the educational versions of our book and those books we are currently hand picking individuals for. However in some cases we will allow it, but you will need to do your own recruiting and layout for those. We will however give you the templates to follow.

What if I can’t afford the setup fees?
We do need a certain level of commitment from you, we are all struggling artists, however if you don't know your worth, you will always struggle. We recommend you get subscriptions to DeviantArt.com, LinkedIn.com, CGHub.com and get your own domainname.com. All of these things will make you a credible and professional individuals. Of course it costs to make a book, of all things, it's not a website subscription afterall. Lots has to be done, many people have to setup things for you. We know artists don't understand much about promotion, but you understand about credibility. All these subscriptions add to your credibility and will raise your value in the industry. Therefore if you cannot pay, you should also not have access to the Internet or you are in a country where the average income is $300 per month. Either way, we understand that there are circumstances, if we feel your work deserves to be seen and we can see that you are in obvious Dire Straits, we will waive your fees, however your royalty structure will be changed as we will have to pay your fees to our printers, shippers and distributors, these fees are in place to get your book setup for printing and distribution. Please note, we rarely waive fees as our fees are really only to cover other people's fees, so if you feel that you want a whole book made by us, look at all of our books that we've already made with artists. You should also consider having a marketing budget, this is where you give away a minimum of 10 books to blogs, websites, contests to promote your book, we will suggest various activities, you are responsible for these promo copies, we will grant you digital copies to give away, this is outlined in the agreement, so please download it.

I want to get started - Download and view Agreement PDF , Contact us at madartistpublishing@gmail.com or find www.facebook.com/MarcinMigdal and show us your work.

FAQ - Artist Collection Series

What is this Artist COLLECTION SERIES I heard about?
You are an artist, a company or organization that wishes to have their book, portofolio, sketchobook, client book made , bound and printed. You will be distributed and promoted exactly as our other books, and we will send your books to companies, however you will be responsible for the printing and shipping. If you are a web designer, illustrator, photographer or want to showcase anything in a professional way or portfolio, then let's make your book.You will receive the exact same quality and service of having your book made. But you will not be included in our roster of artists that we represent..YET and you will also be added on Amazon and sold under the same royalty structure as the MASTER COLLECTION. Please contact us atmadartistpublishing@gmail.com if you are interested in this service as it is not yet automated.

FAQ - Featuring your animated short film or reel on M.A.P. & Disney channels

Why is M.A.P interested in my videos?
If you are contacted by our editors, Congratulations! You’ve been identified as a talented animator or a digital artist, and we think your work deserves to be promoted on our video channel www.madartistpublishing.com/Youtube and published in our books. We would also like to present your film to our producer friends in Hollywood and our partners Disney.com and their network of channels.

What this all means is that we’d like to feature your video / film / reel on our and Disney.com’s internet-connected applications so that you can earn additional exposure and get discovered by a wider audience, including companies and employers that hire talent with your skills!

Do I need to take down my Videos from the web when I promote with M.A.P., Disney or your producers? Or even take them out of festivals?
No, you never have to take down your videos and in 99% cases you can have your videos playing in online and offline festivals simultaneously as well (Check with your festival). Your videos will be non-exclusively web-licensed to M.A.P and Disney., which means you agree to have us upload your video on MadArtistPublishing’s Youtube channel, Disney’s Youtube channel and other Disney Internet applications and link back to your contact information within the description. We must place the videos on our channel so we can safely reference the URL and QR code them in any publications we send to companies or employers.

If your video(s)’ content is a good fit with Disney’s brand, we will contact you and tell you when and where it will be showcased. If your video(s)’ content catches the eye of a producer, you will be contacted and a skype meeting will be scheduled between you, M.A.P. representative and the producer(s) to ensure you don’t get taken advantage of.

Do I get paid for showing my videos?
In some cases yes. If your videos are commercial and you expect compensation, you must be already established and be making money on your film, we’re thrilled you made it and wish you even more luck!.  Unfortunately if this is the case, you may not qualify to be showcased on our partner’s channel(s) unless everyone on your end agrees to the non-exclusive license with us.

We are non for profit and promote students, independent talent and in some cases companies that want additional exposure. We give everyone a chance to be seen by industry professionals and a large audience of fans. This exposure brings future opportunities and employment. In few cases we have negotiated terms with Disney, a TV pilot or producers to pay a fee to use our talent’s videos, however there is no way to guarantee anything upfront.
We will present your video to the world, you never know what will come of it.

I created my animated video or film at a school or college, can I still be promoted or get paid?
Definitely, but depending on which school you attended and in which country, you will have different ownership rights. And in order to handle your video(s) must be approved and permission must be granted by each party that owns the rights to your video, which would be one of the following: ONLY YOU, ONLY YOUR SCHOOL, YOU AND YOUR SCHOOL, ANOTHER OUTSIDE PRODUCTION COMPANY THAT HAS A DEAL WITH YOUR SCHOOL. We are a non for profit and only promote your content online, so we fall within the guidelines set by the software companies.

In all cases, schools are very happy their students are exhibited by festivals and picked up by websites to be promoted, because the film will usually carry the school's name in the credits or the description and we don't mind promoting the schools either, so free promotion for the school. If you don't know about your rights, contact your Faculty supervisor and ask them to see their copyright agreement with you or give us their name and email and we will find out on your behalf. We have great relationships with art and animation schools around the world already.

What you may not know is that almost all schools use academic software licenses and that means that any work created on those machines using that software is meant for promotional and academic purposes only, and cannot be used to create commercially sold work. Festivals charge you money to submit your films sometimes, but are non for profit organizations and do not technically pay for your film, that is why it doesn't violate the academic licenses. The ods are very small that your film will ever make you big money, but it has happened with us. We have helped one group of students become part of a TV Pilot in Canada for a show ANIMATION NATION and we secured a meeting with two Hollywood producers to create a script based on the student film we found called THE BACKWATER GOSPEL , see it here on our Youtube channel here.

It is very important you find out what rights you have to the work you produce as it may be a headache later on down the road if you turn out to be the next George Lucas. Most students don't understand the copyright and who their final work belongs to, you could be sitting on an amazing piece of work that we can show to the right people and you will get paid for, but unless you own the copyright of that work you are out of luck, the best you can hope for is that the school gives you permission to onsell your work and they give you a portion of the royalties, if there were any. We have seen several cases in USA, CANADA and Europe and can suggest various ways of dealing with this.

What other partnerships am I prevented from entering once I start partnering with M.A.P.?
When you agree to grant us the web-screening license for your content it is Non-Exclusive. For Non-Exclusive Videos, the agreement you have with Mad Artist Publishing is exactly that -- non-exclusive. This means that you can continue to freely operate your channel or work with other partners, screen your videos anywhere or even sell or rent the videos if the opportunity arises.

What is the editorial team looking for when it reviews my videos?
At this time we only accept 2D or 3D animated content, Visual FX with composited actors is accepted. No Music Videos or photo slide type videos. Content must be minimum 480p (DVD resolution). When adding or sending videos, please try to include full list of credits and video details in your descriptions of videos.

For Disney consideration:

  1. Family-friendly, high quality content that is a good fit with Disney’s brand
  2. Content that is free and clear of any copyright issues for publishing (for instance, all music is properly licensed, all talent has signed a release, videos are free of logos, etc. – credits are fine)

For MadArtistPublishing Channel consideration:

  1. Any genre of animated film, Modeling / VFX mix / Demo reel
  2. Educational Content (for instance, video tutorials, time-lapse of drawing or digital painting or 3d works)
  3. Content that is free and clear of any copyright issues for publishing (for instance, all music is properly licensed or credited, all talent has signed a release, videos are free of logos, etc. – credits are fine)

For Producer and studio consideration:

  1. Any genre of animated film, VFX mix
  2. Content must be minimum 720p HD (720x1280 resolution)
  3. A 8.5”x11” 300dpi Poster of your film.
  4. Content that is free and clear of any copyright issues for publishing (for instance, all music is properly licensed or credited, all talent has signed a release, videos are free of logos, etc. – credits are fine)

Do I still own the content?
Yes, you own your own Non-Exclusive Videos moving forward.  M.A.P. or Disney would only be licensing them from you – not taking ownership over them.

Do I need to take down any of my Non-Exclusive Videos off of my website?
No.  You will be able to continue to produce and manage your website or channel as you have since you started.  Only now, you’ll be getting an additional exposure and back links and a wider audience for your videos. 

What can M.A.P. do with my content?  Where will it live?
M.A.P. will be able to publish your videos on its YouTube channel and its own websites and internet-connected applications, such as MadArtistPublishing.com, Sketchoholic.com, Disney.com. and our Facebook  groups.

Will M.A.P. send traffic back to me? What kind of credit will I get?
Yes! We will include a link to your channel, website and if room allows, credit all person(s) involved in the production of the video in the description section. You will also be published in any upcoming books that feature videos of your theme and receive free digital paid access to the book on Sketchoholic.com and MadArtistPublishing.com, so make sure you have a Sketchoholic.com username and upload your portfolio.

Does M.A.P. want to license my other videos or videos of my friends?
Once you sign on with us, the M.A.P. editorial team will review your videos and let you know which individual titles it would like to promote. You can add and embed your videos from within your www.Sketchoholic.com profile and we will see them and decide if they’re a good fit for our network.

Can I post to YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook (or other sites) about my agreement with M.A.P. ,  Disney and Producers?
We know that you’re excited to tell your friends and fans that you’re working with us and that you are going to have videos on all of these great channels, but our company policy is that you need permission before posting about your relationship with us. Let your M.A.P. contact know in advance and we’ll work with you to make sure the message is right.

What format do I need to deliver my videos in and how should I send them to you?
Please refer to the “what our editorial team is looking for in videos” question.

So how what happens next?
Simply download the agreement on the link below, fill it out, sign it and attach any required video gaphics, posters that are requested and email it to MadArtistPublishing@gmail.com  with subject line: MAP Video License Agreement for “film title”.
If you have a third party storage where your video is located, please send us a URL link to download your high resolution video. If you do not have one, we will provide you with a storage space where you can drop your video for us to download.

FAQ - Call for Entries on our site - be featured in our forthcoming books

Is there an Entry free?
No, it’s always free to partake in challenges and submit entries for consideration. Look for the SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES and check our Facebook.com/MadArtistPublishing and Facebook.com/Sketchoholic group pages for news on call for entries and challanges with our friend websites. Other publications charge a fee to enter images and proceeds of the book only benefit the individuals creating the book. We created a system where everyone wins and you get the most possible exposure for your work.

How do Artists and animators benefit?
Mad Artist Publishing believes everyone deserves exposure. Our goal is to create innovative and educational art and portfolio books for various genres and provide international exposure and employment opportunities and art business education, Youtube.com/MadArtistPublishing channel and publications seen by top industry talent and employers. Our non-bias approach and dedication to the promotion and support of brilliant talent around the world has been changing lives, making people more credible and starting careers. We produce and distribute innovative books, materials & digital content.

Do you pay artists royalty?
Yes, our books pay large royalties to our authors. Group compilations like Steve Jobs: Artist Tribute, James Bond: 50 Years of Caricature or Sketchozine series of books do not and cannot, we do these to give everyone a possibility of being seen by professionals in the industry and get their credibility a boost. We also don't ask for exclusive right to show artists’ images, we want to help you. The artists that are displayed in the book receive access to paid digital versions of the books that include ipad and pdf and interactive flipbook. Featured artists that receive a full page or more also gain access to Paid workshop/lessons/videos if the book features it and each artist receives a highly discounted price of the printed book if they choose to purchase one.

The global advertisement and exposure the artists that agree to be featured, along with paid access to all the book's content far outweight what we would pay each person if we were to pay them a commission fee and own the images exlcusively. A huge advantage of being in our book collectives is being surrounded by renowned artists, who are kind enough to lend their fame and credibility to helping others that are just starting out. ASSOCIATION is PRICELESS to some people - but not all and we will respect your wishes.

We also self finance the printed copies and shipping of our books, including new MASTER COLLECTION SERIES to our network of companies and studios around the world. (Dreamworks, WETA, the Mill, Pixar, Advertisement agencies...to name a few). While MAP is growing, we rely on every penny to support and develop our online tools, design the books and distribute books to companies and employers that hire the talent we showcase. The benefits of free entry, free promotion and representation to the worldwide industry far outweigh any objections raised which is why we’ve published so many books since 2011 and featured 5000+ artists and counting.

Who can submit entries to your books?
Mad Artist Publishing believes everyone deserves exposure. Any person can submit any number of entries using our CALL FOR ENTRIES submission section. The only requirement is creation of a username on our website www.Sketchoholic.com, so that the system can properly populate the image automatically into the digital flipbook and you can see your layout immediately. While we encourage you to submit only FINAL renderings, pencil renderings or traditional renderings are fine as well. Understand, IMAGES YOU SUBMIT WILL BE REPRESENTING YOU AND YOUR SKILL, so we suggest you don't rush and put only your best foot forward. Also don't submit random images just to have a chance at entry, we will have many books in many themes - if you spam we will block your account. Please note our editors may remove your images from the book if they do not fit our genre or are not deemed as finished.

Who have you featured?
We're happy to say we have featured renowned painters and highly respected illustrators and oscar nominees. From a 9 year old and his dad in our Steve Jobs book, to the legendary Greg Hildebrand and Oscar nominated Julien Bocabeille or Carlos Lascano.   Renowned artists like Dirk Dzimirsky, Jason Seiler, Court Jones, John Beauchamp, Alex Gallego, David Boudreau, Stefan Gessell, Jaume Cullell, Dominic Philibert, Aaron Kizer, Seto Buje, Wouter Tulp, Peter Gric, Jarek Kubicki, Nathalia Suellen, Ali Kiani Amin, Alexandra Manukyan, Leo Plaw, Alberto Russo, Anthony geoffroy, Alexandra Manukyan, Saturno Butto, Pamela Wilson, Julia Kuzmenko McKim, Kun Vic, Natasha Kudashkina and thousands of others. Most of these have or will become authors of their own books published with MAP. You too will be renowned one day, you just need a break! Join us!

What if I want to make my own book?
We would love to make everyone’s books, unfortunately it takes a lot of time and resources to create them and since we are not-for-profit and devote our own time and money to making these. We need to pick our projects carefully. Currently to make full length books, we hand pick individuals to make books with as we grow our genres of publications and talent we represent in our roster. Most of the books we are creating are educational and require a lot of commitment on both the Artist and Publisher. If we like your work and believe it can be successful, we’ll choose to make a book with you and dedicate our resources to you.          

How do we start?
Show us your portfolio, but please make sure you are ready for the promotion, unfortunately we can only publish artists that show promise at this time. Upload your best work to your portfolio on Sketchoholic.com and email us at madartistpublishing@gmail.com with your username or find us on  www.Facebook.com/MadArtistPublishing and www.Facebook.com/Sketchoholic and show us your portfolio. But you must register on Sketchoholic.com to start the process. We are looking for comic novels, and various forms of art, photography, film and music. This type of introductory book will get you started under our umbrella and give us a chance to promote your work before we commit to creating a bigger book with you, everyone wins!.