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We are thrilled you've accepted Mad Artist Publishing (MAP), Sketchoholic and BookPushers into your lives. We're a bunch of artsy people with a missing to help other artsy people become professional and make a living doing what they love. It's that simple. Our backgrounds allow us to create publications that are educational and get into the hands of people that hire YOU. We're always looking for volunteer administrators for our social channels, so send your resume to and tell us why you'd make a great addition to our team and what you'd like to learn with us. Our volunteers and inerns enjoy Amazon credits, real hands on publishing and creative experience and a chance to meet celebrity artists and get free books. 


Marcin Migdal - Founder &  Editor-in-Chief at Mad artist Publishing & Interactive Director at

Marcin Migdal (Founder & Editor-in-Chief)

Marcin is the visionary leader of this fun publising company and creative community. He is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Mad Artist Publishing and and the most recent concept. He does everything and more because that's how he likes it. His responsibilities include day to day operations, Talent recruitment, sponsorship and advertisement business development, Interviews and Creative & Art Directing each book project. In his other time he contracts and consults for world's top advertising agencies as an Interactive Web Developer and Creative Director creating ads for Fortune 500 companies. In his spare time Marcin dreams of taking an inter-galactic voyage on Richard Branson's space fleet (No Joke) and he hopes the books will push him there.

Arnaldo Pedroza Quintini - Art Director & Graphic Designer at Mad Artist Publishing & Sketchoholic artist Publishing & Interactive Director at

Arnaldo Pedroza Quintini (Art Director & Managing Editor)

Arnaldo is one resourceful man. He's been with MAP from the very beginning, assisting in talent recruiting and intervieweing from time to time. His strength lies in design and layout, he quickly became an Art Director in charge of the Sketchozine series of books and Internal Promotion Ads for the web and in print. As MAP grows, so does the team, Arnaldo is currently underway to receive his Advertising Diploma from Humber College whle working part time with us on marketing and advertising strategy. Arnaldo studied architecture at UCV prior to coming to MAP.
JAwad Ahmad - Senior Interactive Designer & Programmer at Mad Artist Publishing & Sketchoholic artist Publishing & Interactive Director at

Jawad Ahmad (Sr. Interactive Developer)

The brilliant Jawad is the Senior Interactive Designer & Programmer. He has worked with Marcin at Active Tv Networks software company and has been influential in the development of the software and architecture under Many of the features and latest tools are created by Jawad and the many programmers we employ under him. He is also working hard on making the interactive bookstore easier, better faster for more talent.
Alellie (Allie) Gomez - Coordination Manager + Talent recruiter + Project Manager at Mad Artist Publishing & Sketchoholic artist Publishing & Interactive Director at

Alellie (Allie) Gomez (Recruiter & Editorial Co-Ordinator)

Alellie came to Mad Artist Publishing with experience in promotions and project management. Her skillsets were instrumental in organizing the many divisions of Sketchoholic and MAP that are currently underway. Alellie has co-ordinated 20+ of our book titles and works closely with authors and moderating our Youtube and Facebook channels. Alellie was on the team that secure Disney Interactive as a partner and manages our affiliations with many International Art & Animation Schools, festivals and renowned talent.
Isis Sousa - Social Marketing & Internal Graphic Designer & Illustrator at Mad Artist Publishing & Sketchoholic artist Publishing & Interactive Director at

Isis Sousa (Social Media Marketing, Writer, Designer)

Isis as an illustrator based our of Norway that's responsible for online articling and promotions for MAP publications and moderation of Sketchoholic content. Having been an accomplished clientelle she begun working with us on her own title. She is actively pursuing business development for in sci-fi and fantasy commnities to create publishing partnerships.
 Madiha Khan - Graphic Designer


Madiha Marium Khan (Managing Editor & Sr. Designer)

Madiha holds a diploma in Graphic design and a Computer Science degree from FAST University. "Graphic designing is my passion so I turned my passion into a profession". She's an expert in layout for print and web and she's one creative mind we're happy to have at MAP. When she's not designing, Madiha enjoy adventurous outings, home decor and writing short stories.

Douglas Osterhoudt (Lawyer & Representative)

Douglas Osterhoudt (Lawyer & Representative)

Douglas is an and award winning author and attorney. He is a graduate of the Franklin Pierce Law Center in 2010 and is licensed Attorney in New Hampshire and New York State. Douglas specializes in copyright law and represents legal matters of MAP and Sketchoholic interests. He is also a fiction writer with a couple of publications under his belt. In 2010, his short story, “Through the Window,” received an award from the Creative Writing Institute. 
Angel Brkic - Project Manager & Illustrator at Mad Artist Publishing & Sketchoholic artist Publishing & Interactive Director at

Angel Brkic (Illustrator & Editor)

Angel is a graduate of George Brown College, and Lambton College design programs. He is an editor on our book series and enjoyed recent success as an Illustrator on the children's self-help book "Lizzy Learns To Love Herself". When his pencils are down he enjoys punishing his heavy bag and training at the gym.