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I'm freelance digital artist, Wacom Specialist and today collaborate as Speaker for Adobe Latinoamericas.

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Portfolio Gallery
Videos Contest Entries

1872 6 in Cartoons & Characters
Ala de Cuervo ClrKpr. My Studio mascot. Photoshop and Wacom intuos 4

2459 4 in Cartoons & Characters
Galin Modric. Character design for a Cartoon Group contest. Photoshop and Wacom intuos 4

2369 0 in Cartoons & Characters
AZORIN vs Tobaco. Concpet for a health poster. Photoshop and Wacom intuos 4

2959 3 in Cartoons & Characters
Wolverine toon just for fun and self promotion.

2488 1 in Cartoons & Characters
Happy 9th Birthday DA. Illustration for DA anniversary contest. Photoshop and Wacom intuos 4

2190 5 in Cartoons & Characters
BITZ twister. Illustration for a Kids markers brand. Photoshop and Wacom intuos 4

1513 2 in Cartoons & Characters
Azorin T-off the light

4617 1 in Cartoons & Characters
Cheff 2

1519 0 in Cartoons & Characters
Cheff 1

1458 1 in Cartoons & Characters
BITZ playing soccer

2985 2 in Cartoons & Characters
Cheff Jurgen Doe

1450 3 in Cartoons & Characters
AZORIN 2010 soccer

1737 2 in Cartoons & Characters
Ruquito Guerrillero

1536 4 in Cartoons & Characters
Fly Brain ID

1674 1 in Cartoons & Characters
Creepy Creature and Pet

1576 0 in Caricatures (All media)
El tlapehue. Well I'm still learning and trying to be constant on my character and illustration practice. Here is a fun version of the mexican wrestling. Hope you like it. Make on Photoshop CS4

1518 0 in Cartoons & Characters
Just be fun with some free paintings and sketches. This is the first Hope you like it.

2012 1 in Caricatures (All media)
Here is my toon version of Venom. Hope you like it. Mi version caricaturesca de Venom. espero els agrade. Venom © Marvel

1400 1 in Cartoons & Characters
Humble homage to three of my favorite artist, yeah I have more like the master Bobby Chiu, Art sammich or my first traditional artist like: Hajime Sorayama, Alex Ross, Jim Warren, Boris Vallejo, etc. Done with Photoshop CS4 and Wacom

3120 1 in Caricatures (All media)
Cartoon related with NFL Playoffs for self promotion

2517 0 in Caricatures (All media)
This is the 501, a "vato" cartoon for self promotion. I love to paint caricatures and portraits. Still learning.

2727 2 in Cartoons & Characters
Flaishh Cartoon. Is a cartoon based on a simple shape.Then I looking for something on the shape and I found this "Flash cartoon" :P Just for fun and practice. Hope you like it.

3138 0 in Cartoons & Characters
Batman and the judas kiss. Batman is one of my first favorite super heros. I wanna paint a caricature of Batman and Harley Quinn. Well, here is the caricature. hope you like it.

1595 0 in Cartoons & Characters
SurfBOT. One of my robot series. I did this pict for a live demos in Mexico for Wacom products on some expos and Computer stores like: best Buy, Ishop mixup, Apple Stores,CompuDabo, and other great stores. More illustrations, character designs and digital

1987 0 in Cartoons & Characters
The 3 king markers. Cartoon illustration for Grupo AZOR Mexico advertising. I really enjoy to paint cartoon characters :P

1603 1 in Caricatures (All media)
Dino Cartoon. Very inspired by the master C. Loftis. Just wanna paint something after work. I love to paint cartoons :P

2129 0 in Drawings
AZOR in graffiti style

5017 2 in Drawings
Coloring practice on an amazing drawing by Neville Page.

3459 1 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
Coloring test on an amazing page drawing by: Humberto Ramos, inked by Tim Townsend and colos by me. Hope you like it. ©Marvel

2700 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
Rambooo color page test. Drawing by Ric Plata and colored by me. ©MAD magazine Mexico

2428 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
Blue Demon Fanart colors. Drawing by Alex Pal and colored by me.

2035 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
Digital painting over great lines of my friend Demetrio (

1458 1 in Sketches: Sketching & Drawing
Just an practice sketch

1447 0 in Sketches: Sketching & Drawing
another sketch. Hope you like it

1426 0 in Sketches: Sketching & Drawing
Dog sketch :)

1393 0 in Sketches: Sketching & Drawing
and still learning

1379 1 in Sketches: Sketching & Drawing
practice sketch

1374 1 in Sketches: Sketching & Drawing
The forst of my practice sketches. Hope you like it.

1444 2 in Sketches: Sketching & Drawing
I'm start with a doodle and looking for something on the lines, I found this funny face on this doodle. Hope you like it. :)

1426 0 in Illustrations: Character Design
Peper. ArtgermFanart. Just fanart of one great character of one of my favorite artist: Artgerm. hope you like it.

1875 2 in Illustrations: Character Design
RolloBot. One of my Robot Series for Self promotion. :)

1507 2 in Creatures & Monsters
Orkh-01 Character design. This illustration is a serie of Live demos for Wacom in Mexico. I participate on live demos in Computer Stores on Mexico City. Hope you like it

2503 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
Wacom Live demo

3619 1 in Creatures & Monsters

1162 0 in Illustrations: Character Design
Helguera tribute pinup

735 0 in T-Shirt Design & Print
Aladecuervo "rider"

752 1 in Cartoons & Characters
Basketball world

774 0 in Cartoons & Characters
All of us practice the WIP

1051 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
C3-PO Fanart

961 0 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
R2-D2 fanart

838 0 in Cartoons & Characters
La Catrina

867 0 in Cartoons & Characters
HB Mr. Lennon

863 0 in Cartoons & Characters
The walking bread

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