Making and publishing art books just got a lot easier thanks to BookPushers and Sketchoholic

Article Index Marcin Migdal December 17,2013 Comments

Who’s better equipped to encourage an artist than an artist?  Every creator knows that making the most of what they can create artistically in world first starts with the unmatched drive it takes to stay in the game.  However, let’s be honest, sometimes that drive wains with self-doubt and the inability to get work where it needs to be seen.  Sometimes that’s where art falls down.  And more often than not, all it needed was a little push.

Thankfully has linked arms with Sketchoholic to give artists a way to get their work seen by other creatives and industry professionals who can bring it to life on a whole other level.  Simply enough, by supporting a creative’s portfolio on visitors can help turn artist’s work into printed and digital books.  All they need is 250+ virtual “pushes” on a portfolio of 15 images and they’re on their way to a full-color calling card for “people in the know” who will generate buzz and thereby make the most of their work. 

So, maybe the next thoughts are, “But how do I publish my book?” and then “How do I print my book?” That’s where an artist extraordinaire can rest because makes it so easy.  They will work with artists to design, layout, publish, print, promote and then sell their book in printed and digital ebook form.  What’s more, they’ll give the artist a royalty commission on all the sales.  So wait, the artist gets their work seen by other artists and fans who encourage them with a push and then they get a color hardcopy and digital book to spread the word about their art’s awesomeness? Yeah, that about covers it.

Help artists push their books here and start pushing your book today.