The Complete Artist is the guide to all creative answers

Article Index Marcin Migdal December 08,2013 Comments

If you want to know exactly what it takes to become an Elite artist and to succeed in the fine art, magazine or film industry with so much competition then The COMPLETE ARTIST BOOK will answer all your questions and more. YOU ASK(ED) THE QUESTIONS, WE GOT THE ANSWERS!. THIS IS THE ONE BOOK YOU REALLY NEED IN YOUR CREATIVE CAREER.

 You’ll discover the secrets of acclaimed artist Jason Seiler and learn the techniques that made him one of the top artists in the industry. You’ll watch and follow raw video lessons and tutorials of pieces he’s created and explained in detail for you as part of the freaking artist you can be .

 Jason Also Invites some of the world’s best artists to share their stories, tips and portfolios and their advice on what it takes to make it to the top. Artists include Cesar Santos, David Jon Kassan, Grigor Eftimov, Jeremy Geddes, Sean Cheetham, Justin Coro Kaufman, Sterling Hundley, Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen, Robin Eley, William Wray, Shawn Barber, Alea Chapin and possibly more for stretch goals. 

The COMPLETE Artist book will take you inside the minds and lives of master artists led by Jason Seiler and you’ll know exactly how they got to where they are today. We’ll talk to hiring managers, creative and art directors for Massive Black Entertainment, Mad Artist Pubilshing, Rolling Stone Magazine, Billboard Magazine, The New York Times, DER SPIEGEL, the Weekly Standard and many more. We’ve packed hours and hours of QR interactive video content inside the book and linked it to our website and ebook, videos include interviews, painting sessions, workshops, hang outs with the artists and more, and you’ll watch them right from the phone with your phone/tablet connected to internet. see more at

 We’ve all invested so much time and effort into this project and we’re on the final few steps. That’s why we’re on Kickstarter, we need your help to get a few more interviews done, recorded, edited and to get the book printed and into your hands the way it’s meant to be seen. So if you think a book like this has space on your bookshelf…. give us a hand and pedge on Thanks to everyone in advance for taking the time to watch this video and please spread the message of THE COMPLETE ARTIST.