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ArtFX Stories: Alumni book of animation, short films and student portfolios

Animation / Film production / VFX ArtfX Ecole Graphisme

School of special effects and 3D animation. Created for professional film, animation, visual effects and video games industry.

Visual Effects and CG:
trades to the measure of your talents In learning CG Animation and Visual Effects skills, you are opening yourself up to some of the most dynamic career opportunities: film animation, traditional cinema, video games, advertising, etc. At stake is a wide range of career paths, all highly sought after and exigent about refined technical and artistic skills.

High quality CG Animation and Visual Effects (VFX) training
ArtFx is reference in France for computer graphics and CG animation training because it is the only school in Europe specializing in digital special effects. Focused completely on the professional needs of these fields, your training at ArtFx will allow you to develop professional level skills and build a solid network of contacts with these fields. The result: rapid post-graduate placement is some of the largest studios in France and around the world.

As a private establishment of superior technical training, ArtFx is a member and co-founder of the Network of French Film Animation Schools (RECA), governed by CNC and AFCA.


Training by professional artists actively working in their fields. ArtFx is in constant contact with industry professionals from a wide variety of sectors which ensures that our teaching methods remain in-line with professional needs. Our graduation jury has also become an essential recruitment opportunity for studio representatives. Combining current techniques and traditional knowledge.

We teach:
The most advanced digital techniques and traditional art skills: sculpting-modeling, drawing, photography, etc. This takes you to the highest positions where talent is scarce.

Here you are mastered in:
CG Animation, Visual Effects Supervisor, Artistic Director, CG Lead, Set up Manager, Matte Painter, and so forth.

ArtFx is one of the rare schools simultaneously teaching CG animation and visual effects. Whichever specialty you choose, you have access to all the professional materials needed to acquire an overall understanding of the production process.

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