Books Published:
The Giant's Diet By Liliana Maia

Illustrator Liliana Maia

Liliana is an illustrator with 6 years experience in illustrating, she likes comics and her dream was to illustrate a book with her own stories. She participates in contests online and physical activities where she tries to bring something new, works mostly in fantasy genre. She was influenced by artists’ digital art among the net. Lately moved to sequential art where she feels that she can express better taking the viewer to immerse in a story with help of a good argument and graphic approach.

“I have always loved to draw and experiment new things, ways of drawing and techniques since i was a kid where I created a one page story about dinosaurs, unfortunately I lost it but just to show that already in my youth I´ve been interested in comics. I’m almost an illustrator but when I feel I have a story I don’t hesitate I work on the argument.”

Liliana has participated in many Contests like Euzoos, Cenadàrte, Share One Planet, Ilustrarte, Aveiro Young Creator, APS Mag, EzineFantasy Mag.

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