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Concept Art of Ali Kiani Amin : Character and Concept Design Inspirations & Techniques

Concept Artist / Character Designer Ali Kiani Amin

My name is Ali Kiani Amin, I was born in Iran. My main skill is design which includes character and concept design. I studied painting at art school & college. I somehow ended up working 15 years in the animation industry and currently I work as a Lead Pencil Artist and Art Director in a comic studio in Iran. My artworks are published in many publications that include 2D artist magazine, Imagine FX magazine, OSCURO: Legendary Art of Saturno Butto and Dark Masters and in the “Prime” book by 3D total community. I had the honor of being selected as the winner by the Legendary artist John Howe for a contest held by called “Dragon’s Lair”.

It’s better to say that I have lived many years in my mind’s inner, closed dark prison. In those days i was alone and living in a negative network of knowledge. But finally the lord helped me touch the light...Do you remember the music video Thriller by Michael Jackson? I am a rising dead,but alive!. I like death, autopsy and ancient black magic, but today i believe in shining consciousness which saves unification of the world. That is why light and atmosphere are two major elements in my paintings. I see myself as a figurative painter, I find inspiration in ancient dreams & Sci-fi imagery. Spirituality is the greatest goal i have ever tried to reach, but who knows the eventual quality it results? My artworks are completely done by Wacom Cintiq tablet and Adobe Photoshop graphics software. While I am a CG artist, I still love the old traditional painting styles.

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