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Caricature Art of Rui Duarte : Illustration & Painting techniques (EngV1.0)

Illustrator / Caricaturist Rui Duarte

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1977. I always drew, but I started to draw caricatures in 2003; ten years ago. I never studied art in school or taken workshops... everything i know, i taught myself. In 2008 I started profesionally taken on commissions for caricature, ilustration and comics and today I work with companies and enterprise clients in Brasil, Italy, Germany, France, Holand, Angola and around the world. I have a partnership with a footbal club in Portugal (F.C.Porto) where they use my caricatures in some player merchandise. I was invited to participate on a tv show in Portugal, drawing during 2 seasons for a total of 23 episodes. Some of my awards include:

- 1st prize for best portfolio in Girona Isca Convention 2011.
- 1st prize for best studio work, in Girona Isca Convention 2011.
- 2nd prize for best black and white work, in Girona Convention 2011
- Ist win a Honor mention in Portugal in 2012 and a 3º prize in 3013
- 1st prize for best digital caricature in Eindhoven Isca Convention 2013
- 1st prize for best black and white work in Eindhoven Isca convention 2013
- 2nd prize for the best portfolio in Eindhoven Isca convention, 2013
- 2nd prize for the best likeness caricature in Eindhoven Isca convention 2013.

Basically, I love to draw and its a pleasure for me to live from my art.

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