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Fantasy Digital Painting Techniques & Video Lectures : Art of Isis Sousa & Guest Artists

Digital Artist / Writer / Illustrator Isis Sousa

Isis was born and raised in Brazil and her taste to visual arts has revealed itself since she was but a toddler. “There’s nothing more difficult than to talk about myself as I am so much more used to talk about my work . As long as I can remember, I was in awe when I looked the classical paintings in the books at my home’s library. I was also painting and sketching on everything, just like any kid.

At the age of 11 she got her first pc and a wired Genius tablet. She started learning Computer Graphics by herself, not to mention she liked to experiment a lot with traditional techniques. During her teenage years she had a huge collection of Fantasy portraits done in traditional media such as oils, indian ink and watercolor pencils. Isis also started freelancing for garage bands, making logotypes and covers for demo CD’s and such, all digital. About 18, she was already working for a Heavy Metal record company, making advertisements, web-banners, posters, etc. A few years later, she quitted and moved to Norway, to live with her best half “It was then I discovered I’d like to develop my career as digital illustrator and I put most on my efforts on it since then; but never abandoned Graphic Design. I keep doing books and CDs layout, logotypes, advertisements as complementary income.

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