The Way of an Artist - why so serious?

Kirsi Salonen October 06,2015

There's been a steady rise of interest in todays world in desire to earn a living through art. It's very clear to people who are currently professional artists, to those who are studying art or are pursuing various creative goals, be it A.I, Computer Engineers, Film or Game industry or fields of Natural Sciences - the aspect of art and creative urge is steadily globally growing. The idea of The...

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ESMA Animation School and Mad Artist Publishing partner to promote animation students and films

Marcin Migdal July 07,2015

When the 5th ranked Animation school in the world grants you screening permission to their award winning films catalogue; many of which have been Oscar Nominated...that's a good start to a Monday. 2015 has turned out to be quite the year for the publishing company Mad Artist Publishing Ltd. They entered the market in 2011 with their series of Sketchozine compilation books composed of artist co...

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Behind the Scenes of MAD MAX - Interview with VFX Supervisor Tom Wood

Mike Hepburn June 08,2015

The fuel-injected, post-apocalyptic masterpiece Mad Max: Fury Road, exploded into theaters recently with an opening weekend of over $100 million dollars. This movie is true to its name - it is MAD; in a stunningly inventive and adrenaline pumping way. The reboot is also unique in that it was helmed by an original creator of the franchise. The Wizard of Oz, George Miller genuinely understands...

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Robin Williams Artist Tribute Book : Artist Index is published

Marcin Migdal September 30,2014

Artist Tribute to a Comic Genius With the unexpected passing of Robin Williams, the creative industry wanted to remember Robin in their own way. This book is a tribute to the man who touched so many around this world.  Mad Artist Publishing (, Sketchoholic ( come together with their members to create a book of drawings, paintings, il...

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Mad Artist Publishing is recruiting artists and illustrators to work with top advertising agencies

Marcin Migdal June 19,2014

Mad Artist Publishing (MAP) is forming and representing a North American Creative Talent Agency that will negotiate and work with top advertising agencies on projects for various campaigns and markets. We're looking for various styles of work in many mediums. So add your portfolio, create your slideshow on your Sketchoholic profile and send us your portfolio.  We've been promoting talent ...

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Making and publishing art books just got a lot easier thanks to BookPushers and Sketchoholic

Marcin Migdal December 17,2013

Who’s better equipped to encourage an artist than an artist?  Every creator knows that making the most of what they can create artistically in world first starts with the unmatched drive it takes to stay in the game.  However, let’s be honest, sometimes that drive wains with self-doubt and the inability to get work where it needs to be seen.  Sometimes that’s wh...

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Local artist Jason Seiler created Pope Francis` TIME cover portrait

Marcin Migdal December 13,2013

Mad Artists everywhere rejoice as Jason Seiler continues to receive acclaims and credits on his POPE francis painting for 2013 Person of the year Time Magazine Cover. While the news of his portrait circulates around the world, we're happy to supporting jason and his news upcoming book as well. Please support his book as well at  or,...

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Jason Seiler's Pope Illustration lands on the cover of TIME magazine's 2013 Person of the Year Issue

Marcin Migdal December 11,2013

Pope Francis was named 2013′s “Person of the Year” by Time magazine on Wednesday Morning Dec 11.2013 on the Today Show in America. Beating out Senator Ted Cruz, whistle blower Snowden and twerk queen Miley Cyrus. What's more amazing for us at Mad Artist Publishing camp, is that the image of the pope on the Cover of TIME isn't a photograph, it is a digital painting by our amaz...

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The Complete Artist book on kickstarter with jason seiler

Jason Seiler December 11,2013

We want to welcome a fabulous and enterprising new project, The Complete Artist ( together some of the biggest names in the industry. From fine art, video gaming to magazines, if you want to make it big in the art industry you need this book! With over 300 years worth of the very best professional experience from the best known professional artists you can be...

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The Complete Artist is the guide to all creative answers

Marcin Migdal December 08,2013

If you want to know exactly what it takes to become an Elite artist and to succeed in the fine art, magazine or film industry with so much competition then The COMPLETE ARTIST BOOK will answer all your questions and more. YOU ASK(ED) THE QUESTIONS, WE GOT THE ANSWERS!. THIS IS THE ONE BOOK YOU REALLY NEED IN YOUR CREATIVE CAREER.  You’ll discover the secrets of acclai...

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