How to Draw a Hand Holding a Pencil Step by Step Today, I am going to give you step by step instruction in order to help you draw a hand holding a pencil. What? Worried that you cant draw? Check the comments posted on my previous videos. Many people who have never drawn before have successfully completed other challenging drawings with the help of my step by step videos and you will have the same success if you follow the steps in this video. I recommend that you download the free PDF print resource by hitting the link in the video description. This resource will give you 12 steps with pictures to help you follow along as I narrate. Be sure to pause the video and observe the reference image at the end of each step. Good Luck.

Step 1: Draw the three shapes that you see. The one on the left will be the tip of
the pencil and the two on the right will be fingertips.
Step 2: Observe, then draw the thumb shape. Notice that it seems slightly thinner at
the fingertip.
Step 3: Draw the K shape above the thumb
Step 4: Use a ruler to draw the top of the pencil. It should measure just less that three thumb
Step 5: Observe and draw the line to complete the finger over the K shape
Step 6: Finish the hand shape by drawing in the heel of the palm and the wrist.