NELSON MANDELA Art and illustration Tribute contest hosted by Alex Gallego

Contest Winners

A huge congratulations to all of the participants of our NELSON MANDELA Art and illustration Tribute contest hosted by Alex Gallego and http://Sketchoholic.com/contests, As always it’s tough to decide, but here are the final contest winners: In 1st Place: Olle Magnusson from Sweden (http://sketchoholic.com/olle_magnusson) 2nd Place: Jeff Stahl from France (http://sketchoholic.com/jeffstahl) 3rd Place: kamlesh bhalerao from Burbank United States (http://sketchoholic.com/kamps) People's Choice: adnane jabir from Meknes Morocco (http://sketchoholic.com/jabir) 4th: Dinko Medved from Sisak Croatia (http://sketchoholic.com/medved) 5th: sebastian cast from buenos aires Argentina (http://sketchoholic.com/caricaturascast). Keep an eye out for exciting new contests by our amazing book authors and win awesome prizes. If you purchase any of our books, make sure you tag us on our http://Facebook.com/MadArtistPublishing and http://Facebook.com/Sketchoholic pages with a testimonial so we can feature you in our promotions and book testimonials. If you are a winner, Send your high resolution image, a Contest Testimonial/Quote for under your image to madartistpublishing@gmail.com. If your prize consists of a Portfolio Spread, make sure you update your professional BIO and Portfolio with images you want us to create your spread with. Thanks again everyone and see you next time.

“It always seems impossible until it's done.” ~ Nelson Madela

It's time for another fun art contest to get everyone excited. Draw, paint, craft, sculpt your favourite image of Nelson Mandela. Submissions can be traditional or digital paintings or drawings, 3d sculptures or mixed media. Any style goes: caricatures, realistic portraits, abstract. Submission don't have to be new and you may add as many as you like. Alex Gallego, Mad Artist Publishing and Sketchoholic extends an invitation to you, your friends and anyone who wants to send positive wishes to Mr. Mandela with a personal piece of art dedicated to the former South African president who challanged everything and changed the world. To learn more on Mr. Mandela go here. For reference images go hereRead Contest Rules for Image Dimensions


1st Place: Signed drawing of Nelson Mandela by Mr. Alex Gallego for this contest, shipped anywhere in the world. Printed & eBook versions of revised Art of Alex Gallego. Access to ebooks for James Bond: 50 Years in Caricatures (In Production), Steve Jobs, Cutesies. Full page promotional portfolio spread in Alex's eBook. Shout out on our Facebook and promoted in our campaigns. And 20 Pushes towards your BookPushers campaign (If you choose to turn your portfolio into a book)

2nd Place: Mention on our Facebook and promoted in our campaigns. Revised eBook Art of Alex Gallego with a full page promotion spread in Alex's eBook. Access to ebooks for James Bond: 50 Years in Caricatures (In Production)Steve Jobs: Artist Tribute. And 10 Pushes towards your BookPushers campaign.

3rd Place: Mention on our Facebook and promoted in our campaigns. Revised eBook Art of Alex GallegoCutesies 

4th & 5th Place: Mention on our Facebook. Revised eBook Art of Alex Gallego.

Every finished entry will be published with artists name in the book. Make sure you like Facebook.com/MadArtistPublishing & Facebook.com/Sketchoholic to get Tagged. Questions? Leave comments below. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE

Reference Images

Submitted Entries

You have until July 25, 2013 to upload your contest entry. Artist names will appear after everyone votes, it’s more fun and fair when it’s anonymous. The Host(s) of the contest choose the final winners, but People’s Choice is always decided by the member’s highest voted entry. (Points Legend: 1st Vote = 3 points, 2nd Place Vote = 2 points, 3rd Place Vote = 1 point)
8 votes (14 points)
elmagodellapiz Juan Pablo Costa
11 votes (26 points)
Medved Dinko Medved
18 votes (31 points)
Olle_Magnusson Olle Magnusson
1 votes (2 points)
TRIANA Camilo Triana
3 votes (3 points)
lonnieostudio Lonnie Ollivierre
2 votes (4 points)
vivek vivek kamlekar
5 votes (11 points)
andrekoeks Andre Koekemoer
30 votes (86 points)
jabir adnane jabir
15 votes (26 points)
caricaturascast sebastian cast
1 votes (2 points)
suren8 Surendran Rasadurai
6 votes (12 points)
past Patrcik Strogulski
3 votes (4 points)
albeniz albeniz rodriguez
4 votes (6 points)
jessecaexo jesseca eriksson
0 votes (0 points)
chell Michelle Alves
9 votes (13 points)
kartoonist435 Tony Calabro
11 votes (32 points)
kamps kamlesh bhalerao
4 votes (6 points)
normannazar Norman Teguh
4 votes (9 points)
enricovarian Enrico Varian
4 votes (6 points)
paulobpinto Paulo Pinto
4 votes (6 points)
studiocandia Eugenio Candia
18 votes (35 points)
JeffStahl Jeff Stahl
0 votes (0 points)
Faditoons Fadi Abou hassan
0 votes (0 points)
Lopcar Andres Lopez
0 votes (0 points)
palmas adrian palmas
0 votes (0 points)
LorenzoWalkes Stephen Walkes