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Spellbound III

With tongue in cheek" a tribute to my fellow pinup buddy Serge Birault aka *PapaNinja, and a small birthday present to the "master of tentacle disaster" H.P.Lovecraft (You´ll understand if you get the details on the book in the wallpaper version, soon...

The outfit / cloth are inspired by Zatanna.


Like Serge, I have a passion for Hajime Sorayama´s work and so I paid tribute with a lot hours to perfectly polish the legs and her outfit.


Wallpaper available too:


More from the Spellbound realms:


Model is Sayuri: []

Photographer: Tancrède Szekely (afaik) []

Some brushes used from for the symbols on the book.


If for some odd reason you are thirsty for more "fantasio-girls", here´s a portfolio with the best of them thus far: []

Spellbound III

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