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4556 1 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Olaf, The Hero. Caricature of the great Norwegian hero Olaf Tryggvason. Painted in Photoshop CS3 using several groups of layers and standard brushes. I did work first on the face with a very big eyes, creating a caricature style between the realism and ca

4440 2 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Asian Hairstyle. To paint this imaginary portrait I used standard brushes in Photoshop CS3. The brightness of the hair is painted on a separate layer of the black mass and to enhance reflexes I´ve duplicated the layer a few times and play with its opacity

2581 1 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Steve. Commissioned cover art for MacWorld Magazine Spain. Painted in Photoshop with standard brushes using only one light grey, pure black and pure white.

2802 0 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Tempus Fugit. A game of filters ans stamps on a portrait painted in Photoshop CS3.

4853 1 in Paintings: Mixed Media
The Breath. Unpublished ilustration made only for fun, as study of light and texture. To draw the figure was easy, but the model has a very complicated game of light and shadow, and I did work with a lot of layers of color on the skin and hair. The image

2911 0 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Legend. Here´s is my funny vision of one of the gods of music, Bob Marley. This is a part of a trial for an english marketing company. For to paint the hair I used several layers an a combination with standard brushes and texture brushes (you know I hate

12009 1 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Old man. Sketch made with graphite pencil on paper.

9492 2 in Paintings: Mixed Media
The bodyguard. See tutorial: http://pixelarts.eu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=378%3Aqthe-bodyguardq&catid=42%3Atutorials&Itemid=143

3350 0 in Paintings: Mixed Media
The Perfect Agent. This picture is one of the most worked that I have made in this year. I wanted a very impactant model and I found the inspiration in one of my muses (with love, D). Then I tryed to obtain a leather texture for the suit taking as referen

2581 0 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Paco Rock Star. Poster made for MacWorld Spain Magazine. This work was made to illustrate an article about some software for to learn music without previous studies, so anyone may be a music star and play a concert in their livingroom (with or without Bon

2674 2 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Mental Cartography. Illustration made for MacWorld Spain Magazine, as part of an article about how to organize the work in some different areas. I wanted to do something too technologic and clean. For that I choose a young female model and changed her col

2719 1 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Vamp lips. Well, I have not much to say about how I did this picture. I saw a very pretty girl and her mouth inspired me to put on it a pair of canine teeth. I used my habitual techniques in Photoshop, with standard brushes and several layers in the hair.

5488 5 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Wonder Power. My particular vision of Wonder Woman. The body proportions are exaggerated deliberately to enhance the effect of the pose from a viewpoint located below the hips. The muscles of the back and arms have also been increased. I used different la

3098 1 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Pin Up in the Sky. This piece was born only as one more pin up painting, but it were growing with time. Each element was made in different documents and at the end I did the final composition. The parrot was added as help to the flying effect of the model

6247 3 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Demon. Painting made only for fun. The skin textures of an old black man as reference was a chalenge for me; I enjoy this kind of woks, with a lot of traces and touches of brush. All the picture has been painted with standard brushes (Did I tell you that

2486 1 in Paintings: Mixed Media
BOUM!!! Picture done only as a relaxation exercise, without pressure or obligation. For this procedure I have used several sets of layers, for example, glasses, eyes, or the explosion reflected in the glass. It was telling a story in one image, where the

4778 2 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Girl & Gong. Portrait of an athletic girl (with a little touch of caricature...), using as background the old shield designed years ago for my personal website. Painted in Photoshop CS3 with a lot of hours for the blonde hair.

3652 1 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Tim Jawbone´s Tattoo. An imaginary caricature inspired in a man that I met in Florence (Italy) twenty years ago. Selected for EXPOSE 8 in 1010.

3079 1 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Malabestia in a good day. Character created from an image bank reference, modifying some aspects of the model, like the color of the eyes, and, of course, the size of the muscles. For the texture of the skin I used standard brushes and some soft touches o

6660 2 in Drawings
Woman sketch. What began as a sketch as a finished sketch. I like it is. I do not want to touch it more. This is the final piece.

2168 2 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
Sputnikhead. Illustration done as part of a personal project. The helmet has been developed with a considerable number of layers but with only eight colors that has been played in each of the pieces to obtain the metallic texture. The neck of the model ha

6012 1 in Drawings
Stana. Portrait of the actress Stana Katic. Pencil on paper.

3382 4 in Fantasy & Sci Fi
Metamorphosis. Illustration painted exclusively with standard brushes, using several layers to the tones of the skin, gums and tongue. Broken veins on the cheek and the tear were also painted on separate layers to play with the opacity and intensity of to

3072 1 in Portraits & Figures
Fan art done in Photoshop and Freehand for the ornaments behind.

176 1 in Portraits

2447 2 in Portraits & Figures
Fan Art done in my short free moments between commissions.

3546 1 in Portraits
Portrait of the most beautiful animal of the world: Ava Gardner. Pencil on paper.

14964 2 in Portraits & Figures
Pin up super heroine painted in Photoshop CS5 in a Cintiq 24HD.

4274 1 in Drawings
Lord Commander. James Cosmo as Jeor Mormont in Game of Thrones. Pencil on paper.

4508 1 in Nature
Lobo. Portrait of a wolf painted in Photoshop CS5 and a Cintiq 24HD. Once done the sketch in a first layer, I only had use two more layers for the painting: one for the eyes and nose and another one for all the head. The palette of colors is very short to

2677 1 in Nature
Woodland. First picture for a very important personal project. Painted in Photoshop CS5 and Cintiq 24HD.

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