Howl's Moving Castle - Official Tra..

Sophie, an average teenage girl working in a hat shop, finds her life thrown into turmoil when she is literally swept off her feet by a handsome but mysterious wizard named Howl. Aft... more

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Bold Eagles Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Wildlife Animation Movie HDKeeping the eagles safe is a full time job in Eagle Park, especially when they and many other animals suddenly go ... more

Revolucion (HD) | Political abuse i..

In South America a young reporter must decide between following journalistic duty or reporting the truth. Revolucion (2014) | CGI / Live Action - Thriller / Drama / PoliticalProduce... more

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Poisonberry Pete, the baddest pie in the yeast, is in town and he’s looking for trouble. With the citizens stricken by fear and the gun toting sheriff itching for a gunfight, c... more

LITTLE BOAT | A little Boat can tea..

A wonderful film about a little boat out to see and the hardships it endures. Little Boat (2011) | Animation - Cute / ConceptualProduced at CalArts | California Institute of the Art... more

Funny CGI Animated Student Film | T..

In a train, two families planning to ride for free. BILLETS S'IL VOUS PLAIT / Tickets Please (2011) | Animation - Family / ComedyProduced at ArtFX ( CREDITS: An... more

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A young girl learns the old adage "be careful what you wish for". Field Day (2014) | Animation - Comedy / FamilyProduced at Sheridan College ( CREDIT... more

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Strange Magic Official Trailer #1 (2015) - George Lucas Animated Movie HDA fairy tale of goblins, fairies and imps meeting for the first time and the consequent confusions and confli... more

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A surrealist film noir, which takes place during the Maccarthism. RedScare (2011) | 3D Animation - Thriller CREDITS: Directed & Animated by Jeremy GUERRIERI, Nicolas LEROY, Car... more

Space Stallions

As darkness is covering the multiverse, far away in the galaxy of the wild stallion, a spark of hope is born. Guided by the light of Mother Mustang, the Space Stallions must defeat t... more

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To escape the cold and lifeless world in which he lives, a wacky character tries to immerse themselves in a bubble... Soapy Trip (2010) | Animation - AdventureProduced at GOBELINS, ... more

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A toxic liquid is flowing in the sewer of a warehouse... L'Entreport (2011) | Live Action - Sci-FiProduced at ArtFX School ( CREDITS: Modeling, Texturing, Light... more

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Old fashioned love story between a man and a woman...Inspired by the silent film comedy of Buster Keaton and the 1920's. Departure of Love (2010) | Animation - Romance / FamilyProdu... more

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A group of London Guards are headed for high-flying hijinks when an unexpected member joins their band. FORWARD, MARCH! (2013) | Animation - Family / ComedySubscribe to ESMA https:/... more