CUPIDON | Love really is Blind! - 3D CGI Animation film by ESMA

Film Index July 01,2015 Comments Comedy Films / Family Films

When a cupid accidentally misses his target, instead of falling in love with a girl, a man falls in love with himself. The cupid needs to fix this mess before something terrible happens.

CUPIDON (2012) | Animation - Family / Comedy
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Produced by ESMA - Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (

CREDITS: Directed by: Simon Bau, Clémentine Choplain, Marie Ecarlat, Benoît Huguet, Julien Soulage
Original Soundtrack/Score composed by Damien Deshayes (Marilou Emerial: Accordion, Martin Legaye: clarinette, Corentin Lehembre: trumpet, Guillaume Corral: saxophone ténor, Sami Khalfoune: trombone, Julien Didier: contrebasse, José Vicente: guitar, Julien Bezias/Yufeng Ke: violin, Hervé Chiapparin: violoncelle, Alexis Savelief: waterphone, Damien Deshayes: piano, mélodica, drums.
Enregistré au Studio des Aviateurs (Montpellier) par José Vicente et Yoann Poncet et au Studio Kadence (Chaville). Sound Mixing by José Vicente et Yoann Poncet.

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