DRAW POKER (HD) Cheating, Killing for money has no limits (3D Animation by Animation Workshop)

Film Index June 23,2015 Comments Action Films / Thriller Films / Dramatic Films

In a 1930's metropolis, three crooked criminals are secretly gathered for a game of poker, with everything to loose and even more to win.As the evening turns to night the atmosphere grows tense. They show no limit in the skills of cheating, shooting and killing their way to the prize -- a big fat pile of golden dollar bills

Draw Poker (2010) | Animation - Comedy
Produced at The Animation Workshop (http://www.animwork.dk)

CREDITS: Created & Animated by Stephan Suessmann, Lise Vestergaard, Svend Andreas R. Bonde, Emil Sellström. Music & Sound by Jens Munch, Thomas R. Christensen.

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