LAB | Cute little creatures do their best to escape - 3D CGI Animation film by ESMA

Film Index June 25,2015 Comments Comedy Films / Family Films / Fantasy Films

The story of a squirrel caught in the forest, which is trapped in a laboratory... And will do anything to escape.

LAB (2010) | Animation - Comedy
Produced at Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques - ESMA (

CREDITS: Created, Directed & Animated by Clémentine Collard, Jean Pierrick Muggianu, Gabriel Nguyen, Cédric Nivoliez. Voices: Benoît Allemane, Véronique Augereau, Thierry Ragueneau, Maïa Joubert, Gabriel Nguyen. Sound Design by Jose Vicente, Yoann Poncet Studio Des Aviateurs ( Special thanks to Lionnel Gaillardin. Music Composition by Yann Cleophas, Guilhem Cleophas (

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