LAST FALL (HD) Brilliantly Powerful story of Afterlife (3D CGI Animation by The Animation Workshop)

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When an accidental plane crash causes a devoted father to lose his little daughter, he follows her into death and discovers a mechanical Afterlife. This uncompromising, robot-controlled system presents .

Last Fall (2011) | Animation - Drama / Thriller
Produced at The Animation Workshop (

CREDITS: Film by Andreas Thomsen, Ole Guldbrandsen, Louie Ishii, Esben Andersen. Thomas Ahlmark (Sound), Lasse Wingreen (Sound), Additional 3d Animation: Morten Helgeland, Peter Smith, Magnus Møller, Nicolai Slothuus, Sylvester Rishøj, Kirsten Rosengran, Anders Brogaard Jepsen.

FESTIVALS: Anima Mundi, Rio De Janeiro and São Paolo, Brazil: 15-31 July 2011, Odense Internationale Film Festival, Odense, Denmark: 23.-28. August 2011, BUSTER - Film Festival for børn og unge, Copenhagen, Denmark: 9-19 September 2011, Nordisk Panorama - Five Cities Film Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland: 24-29 November 2011, Bornshorts Film Festival, Bornholm, Denmark: 27-28 August 2011, Bristol Encounters International Film Festival, Bristol, UK: 17-21 November 2011.

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