MEMORIA (HD) | A dark and twisted entity shows the past (The Animation Workshop)

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Addicted to drugs and living on the streets in denial, Vincent ends up in an abandoned house, where a dark and twisted entity forces him to face his suppressed past.

MEMORIA (2013) | Animation - Horror / Thriller
Produced at The Animation Workshop (

CREDITS: Director, editor, sound designer and cg artist: Elísabet Ýr Atladóttir (, Technical director and cg artist: Old?ich Holý (, Animation and character design: Samantha Torres (, Design supervisor and cg artist: Benny Aas Mathiesen (, Lead animator: Anne-Marie Kirstine Laursen (, Animator and environment designer: Nikolaj Themothæussen (, Production and pipeline manager and cg artist: Anne-Sofie Tholander (, Environment and character CG artist: Søren Gravesen (, Voices: Shilo Duffy, Michelle Nardone, Sue Hansen-Styles, William J.J. Nielsen, Robert Bennett. Sound Design by Thomas Ahlmark.

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