Olympiads: Faster, Higher, Stronger | 3D CGI Animation - Impressing Ladies the Greek way (Sheridan)

Film Index June 04,2015 Comments Comedy Films / Family Films

Film about ancient Greek mythological creatures competing in the Olympic Games. The story follows a satyr and minotaur both trying to impress their respective crush with their athletic abilities, who only end up being destroyed by their overly competitive spirits and egotistical attitudes.

Olympiads: Faster, Higher, Stronger (2014) | Animation - Family Comedy
Produced at Sheridan College (https://www.sheridancollege.ca)

CREDITS: Director/Animator: Alex Henderson (http://vimeo.com/93286935)
Composer: Mandy Woo (http://soundcloud.com/postmoderndisco)
Voices: (Asterion) Patrick Sweeney (http://www.patsvoice.com)
(Pan) Faisal Raja
Sound Effects and Editing: Steven Roberts

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