Oscar Nominated CGI VFX Film | KATEDRA / THE CATHEDRAL (Tomasz Bagi?ski / Platige)

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...The reds, yellows, and blues of Madeleine shine like dawn through the ribs of the Cathedral, everything here is either in shadow or painted with viscous colors. I'll sit, I'll quiet my heart. I thought that it would be mainly fear, an animal terror, but I feel only regret now, a great, motionless, heavy regret, the squeezing weight of dark water. No thoughts, no instructions for the body, even my eyes are dry. There is only a little tightening in my chest. But why speak, silence is better ..."

The Cathedral (Polish: Katedra) is the title of a science fiction short story by Jacek Dukaj, winner of the Janusz A. Zajdel Award in 2000; and of a 2002 short animated movie by Tomasz Bagi?ski, based on the story. The film was nominated in 2002 for the Academy Award for Animated Short Film for the 75th Academy Awards. The movie won the title of Best Animated Short at Siggraph 2002 in San Antonio as well as several other awards.

The Cathedral (2000) 3D Animation / Sci-Fi / Fantasy
Produced at Platige Image Productions http://www.platige.com/en/

Created by: Tomasz Baginski
Based on the short story by: Jacek Dukaj
Produced by: Piotr Sikora, Jarek Sawko
Music by: Adam Rosiak
Music Mixing and recording: Kuba Pietrzak
Sound Design: Bartek Wozniak
Foley Artist: Jan Wo?niak
Voices: Jola Rzebuska, Maria Kucharska, Marcin Jaskowski, Piotr Widlarz
Recorded in: Post Meridian
Film printed in: Digital FilmLab

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