Project Alpha | The Official story of World's first monkey in space (The Animation Workshop)

Film Index June 06,2015 Comments Comedy Films / Family Films

The race to space is on. As nations compete, we follow the progress of a single chimpanzee that's been recruited into the Space Program. His results might prove influential for the better of all mankind. ...will he be up for the challenge

Project Alpha (2009) | Animation - Comedy
Produced at The Animation Workshop (

CREDITS: Nicolai Slothuus, Matthías Æ. Bjarnasson, Christian Munk Sørensen
Direction, Script, Graphics, Storyboard, Layout, Animation: Nicolai Slothuus, Matthías Æ. Bjarnasson, Christian Munk Sørensen
Producer: Michelle Nardone
Background: Christian Munk Sørensen, Andreas Thomsen
Music/sound: Jakob Gadegaard, Mathias Winum, Thomas Almark
Editing: Matthías Æ. Bjarnasson

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