RED PHANTOMS ,The Siege of Vancouver (HD) | Soviets Attack Canada (VFS)

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For decades we've been told that the cold was is over and that the Soviets are PHANTOMS OF THE PAST. But we've been brutally deceived and if you still believe so...THINK AGAIN because they are back, stronger than ever, more ferocious than ever, so get ready for sacrifice, for resistance..get ready for The Siege of Vancouver.

Red Phantoms - The Siege of Vancouver (2011) | Animation - VFX Action
Produced at Vancouver Film School (

CREDITS: Ali M Aboud (Design, Modeling, Rigging, Lighting, Animation, Compositing - Cast: N.Salman as Captain Leonid Rakhmanov, Marco Venturelli as The Canadian Soldier. Music: Tery Devine-King Red September (Life or Death) Solar Flare. Nick Ingman Solar Flare. Photography Courtesy of Gerry Paille - Vancouver Aerial View, Sebastian Bergmann - English Bay View, Bernt Rostad - The Soviet Memorial.

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