SLUG INVASION | All is fair in hunger and war! (Hilarious 3D CGI Film by The Animation Workshop)

Film Index June 09,2015 Comments Comedy Films / Action Films / Family Films

As morning dawns on a Norwegian suburb, a detachment of killer-slugs, led by the notorious Sergeant Slug, prepare for a heads-on attack on a small garden -- their objective? A juicy, delicious flower on the other end, deep within a flowerbed.

Slug Invasion (2012) | Animation - Comedy
Produced at The Animation Workshop (

CREDITS: Morten Helgeland, Casper Wermuth, Lasse Rasmussen, Carina Løvgreen, Kirsten Bay Nielsen, Polina Bokhan, Peter Egeberg, Magnus Myrälf, Maria B. Kreutzmann

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