Sushi Express | Mafia crime boss goes to the cops (3D Animation by ArtFx)

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In 1930, in the middle of the night, the godfather of Italian mafia comes to file a complaint to the central commissioner of Chicago because he has been robbed...

Sushi Express (2009) | Live Action - Thriller / Action
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Produced at ArtFX ( )

CREDITS: Directed by Remi Ralloque, Vincent Cubells.
Digital Artists: Remi Ralloque, Vincent Cubells. Jerome Foucout, Francois Masle, Guillaume Provot, Florian Velasco.
Actors: Jose Carlos, Eric Letourneur. Music and Sound Design by studio 2C: Aurelien & Gabriel Marini. Animation set up development by Benjamin Quinet. Song: Yoko Kanno - The Cowboy Bebop

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