TADUFEU | See exactly how Fire was invented - 3D CGI Animation by ESMA

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A pack of "Cromags" Obtain fire Without knowing how to make it. The "Neanderthal" family is cold. The father Sees a smoke in the distance and Decides to go ...

TADUFEU (2011) | Animation - Comedy
Produced at Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques - ESMA (http://www.esma-montpellier.com)
For more info on the film visit http://www.tadufeu-lefilm.com.

CREDITS: Mickaël Bellamy (character modeling, rendering, 2D/3D compositing, post-production, FX 2d), Coralie Braconnot (animation, blendshapes, editing, stereoscopy), Franck Delfortrie (skinning, object rigging, dynamics, animation), Julien Jamme (animation, layout, character rigging, facial rigging, pipeline, fluid simulation), Olivier Pierre (character and set design, story board, luma script, texturing, lighting, shading, matte painting). Voices : Benoit Allemane, Jean Robert Lombard, Philippe Peythieu, Véronique Augereau. Music by Yann and Guilhem Cleophas (cleophas.net). Sound Design by José Vicente, Yoann Poncet ( www.studiodesaviateurs.fr ).

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