The PARADIGM | Thriling SCI-FI VFX CGI Indie Trailer - by Al Hallak

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Following a global war of untold devastation, one city emerged with the promise of safety, Paradigm. It did not take long for the affects of absolute power to take hold of Paradigm's leaders. Seeing the opportunity, they seized control of their inhabitants, turning them into machines. But the spirit of humanity could not be silenced. A young military scientist, by the name of Jack Wallard dared to oppose power, hoping to do more than just free his people. Like all journeys, the ends always sound easy before considering the means.

The Paradigm (2014) | VFX CGI - SciFi/Action
Produced by Al Hallak Pictures (

CREDITS: Director : Al Hallak, Producer: Tatjana Bluchel, Writers: Urwa Al Hallak & Kevin Porter, Cinematographer: Rainer Lipski, Visual Effects Compositing & Editing: Al Hallak, Sound Design and Mixing: Peter Darmi

This trailer was made on a shoestring budget of only $400.00 using an iMac! The CGI elements of the trailer were put together with footage shot in 2010 for an award winning student short made by Urwa Al Hallak. The idea of creating this trailer is to generate interest and pitch the project idea to investors and eventually create a higher budget feature.

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