The Reward | Two boys go on an epic adventure and encounter a twisted end (The Animation Workshop)

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The two boys, Vito and Wilhelm, find a treasure map that will take them out on an epic adventure hunting a treasure that in the end turns out to be much different than they had expected.

The Reward (2013) | Animation - Comedy / Fantasy / Action
Produced at The Animation Workshop (

CREDITS: Created, Directed & Animated by Mikkel Mainz Elkjaer and Kenneth Ladekjaer together with the team: Glenn August Lange, Jonas Andreassen, Josefine Hannibal, Karen Agerbo Bennetzen, Ole Christian Løken, Paolo Giandoso, and Tanja Hass Nielsen. Sound Design by Thomas Christensen. Voices: Mikkel Mainz, Kenneth Ladekjaer, Nynne Mors, Glenn August, Josefine Hannibal, Stine Sæthre, Sarah-Mai Lindeman. Special thanks to Morten Thorning, staff at the Animation Workshop, Lawrence Marvit, Dungeons and Dragons. Music by Mathias Winum and Johan Petersen. (

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