Time Trap (Short Film)

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Stranded in Space, but not in Time...

Written and Directed by Michael Shanks
Contact: michael@latenitefilms.com

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Producer: Chris Hocking
Co-Producer: Louie McNamara & Michael Shanks
Executive Producer: Nicholas Colla & Craig Jansson
Production Design: Nick Issell
Costume/Props Design: Rowan Wills
Editor/VFX: Michael Shanks
Cinematographer: Edward Goldner
First Assistant Camera: John Maloney
Steadicam Operator: Glenn Clayton
Production Assistant: Jackson McInerney
Rocket Construction: Louie McNamara, Michael Shanks, Nick Issell & Chris Hocking
Composer: Michael Shanks
Additional VFX: Chris Hocking
Matte Painter: Dave Tipper

Sound Designer: Craig Jansson @ The Magic Sound Company
Colourist: CJ Dobson @ Pocket Post
Costume Construction: Rowan Wills @ AusFX

Camera Supplier: Inspiration Rentals
Special Thanks: Cail Young, Pete Wells, Ben Plazzer, Matt Canals & Daniel Daperis

This took way longer than anticipated to release as we went for the Festival Circuit, but here it is! In all its Award-Losing glory. Hope you enjoy

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