Tone Deaf (HD) | A Princess, Unicorn and Rainbows fantasy live forever (Ringling)

Film Index June 04,2015 Comments Comedy Films / Family Films

in a beautiful forest, A young princess with a not so beautiful singing voice tries to befriend a unicorn.

Tone deaf (2014) | Animation - Comedy / Children / Family
Produced at Ringling College Of Art And Design (

CREDITS: Written, Animated and Directed By Manuel Zapata and You Na Kang. Music Composed by Carlos Martin, Niko Javan, Corey Wallace. Score Mixed by Alberto S. Platero. Voice Acting: Ginny Wescott : Princess, Kevin Temmer : Unicorn/Forest Animal, Rachel Doda : Forest Animal, Tabia Lees : Forest Animal. Senior Faculty Adviser : Heather Thomson
Pre-Production Instructor : Billy Merrit
Visual Development Adviser : Jason Bennett

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