When Gordon Met Chell

Film Index July 13,2015 Comments Sci-Fi Films / CGI VFX Live Action

Anticitizen Fun!
Made on a budget of nothing.
Directed, Edited and Visual Effects by Michael Shanks
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Starring: Samantha Chiodo and Michael Shanks
With: Mark Taylor and Damien Bodie

DOP: Sam McCabe
Sound Design: Craig Jansson
Production Assistant: Chris Hocking
Score by Michael Shanks and Craig Jansson
Props built by me and my Dad. His name is Paul, he's a cool guy; check him out sometime.

Filmed at the Wonderful Steamrail Victoria, Williamstown
Ph: 93971953

Camera Gear Supplied by:
Inspiration Studios

Special Thanks to:
Ben Plazzer, Cail Young, Pete Welles
Louie McNamara, Paul Shanks, Laura Lethlean and Nicholas Colla

Based on the Video Games by Valve Software, the greatest company on the planet.
I love you, GabeN.

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