Wind Mills (HD) | Dreams do come true if me have courage to persue them (Georges Méliès)

Film Index June 25,2015 Comments Family Films / Adventure Films / Fantasy Films

It is a dead, lightless world, where a little girl, despite her father's renunciation and despair facing the death of his wife, maintains their dream of building a machine powered by magic winds to fly and reach the sun.

Wind Mills (2011) | Animation - Conceptual / Adventure
Produced at Georges Méliès School (
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CREDITS: Film by Guillaume Bergère, Guillaume Coudert, Maria Glinyanova, Bruno Guerra, Charlotte Jammet. Animation. Lucie Mayjonade (Music), Olivier Michelot (Music), Daniel Buthiaux (Voice), Fanny Germon (Voice), Jonathan Zic (Voice).

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