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CAPTAIN AWESOME | Have No fear Cap ..

Captain Awesome is about to save the day once again, when an upset stomach threatens to ruin it all. A story of a superhero's race against time to save his image or humanity before i... more

HEAVEN | Will you go to heaven? (3D..

Do Cavemen get to heaven? See if he presses the right button to enter the gates. Heaven (2008) | Animation - ComedyProduced by Vancouver Film School ( CREDITS: Creat... more

MEET BUCK | Beware of your girlfrie..

Buck is an ordinary guy. Buck is going to spend the afternoon with his girlfriend who's so happy to see him (she's pretty much happy always). But when Buck finds out that her father ... more

SLUG INVASION | All is fair in hung..

As morning dawns on a Norwegian suburb, a detachment of killer-slugs, led by the notorious Sergeant Slug, prepare for a heads-on attack on a small garden -- their objective? A juicy,... more

HezarFen (HD) | First ever flight o..

Year 1632 in Istanbul, Hezarfen, a historical Turkish man will attempt the first flight of the human being. HezarFan (2011) | Animation - ComedyProduced by Supinfocom Arles (http://... more

The God | There is a limit of toler..

A bronze statue of the Hindu deity, Shiva, the personification of calm, is irritated by a pesky fly and comes to life in order to rid himself of it. But in his increasingly frustrate... more

Best Idea Ever | Newton didn't disc..

A funny take on the actual anecdote of Sir Newton and the apple. Best Idea Ever (2010) | Animation - ComedyProduced at Sheridan College ( CREDITS: Arpan Joll... more

CATCH A LOT | 3D CGI Animated Sperm..

In the nineteeth century, a fisherman teaches his son the family tradition of spermwhale hunting. Unfortunately, natural abilities sometimes skip a generation. Catch a lot (2013) | ... more

A Ninja Love Story | A vacationing ..

A vacationing ninja finds true love, but it's much more than he expected. Les Dangereux - A Ninja Love Story (2010) | Animation - ComedyProduced by http://www.animationmentor.comFor... more

I Live in the Woods | God, Gore and..

A woodsman's frantic journey, driven by happiness, slaughter, and a confrontation with America's God. I LIVE IN THE WOODS (2009) | Stop Motion Animation - HorrorProduced at CalArts ... more

Roadkill Redemption | When you kill..

A night-time driver confronted by the ghost of a raccoon she hits with her car. A bitter sweet comedy poking fun at the fragility of life and the consequences of careless driving. R... more

Project Alpha | The Official story ..

The race to space is on. As nations compete, we follow the progress of a single chimpanzee that's been recruited into the Space Program. His results might prove influential for the b... more

THE CHAMP | Hilarious Stop Motion A..

A little boy obsessed with professional wrestling gets the birthday present of a lifetime. The Champ (2014) | Stop motion - Family / ComedyProduced at Sheridan College (https://www.... more

Our Wonderful Nature | Never Before..

Never Before Seen Footage of The mating behavior of the water shrew OUR WONDERFUL NATURE (2008) | Animation - ComedyProduced at HFF Konrad Wolf | Academy for Film and Television Pot... more