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RedScare | 3D CGI Film Noir - Myst..

A surrealist film noir, which takes place during the Maccarthism. RedScare (2011) | 3D Animation - Thriller CREDITS: Directed & Animated by Jeremy GUERRIERI, Nicolas LEROY, Car... more


Dimanche tells the story of a young boy who goes to his grandparents' house in a small town in Quebec after church on Sunday. Bored with the adult world, he wanders outside to indulg... more

Oscar nominated "A Morning Stroll" ..

The story: When a New Yorker walks past a chicken on his morning stroll, we are left to wonder which one is the real city slicker. Oscar Academy Award nominated in 2012 for Best Ani... more

Wild Life

This animated short tells the story of a dapper young remittance man, sent from England to Alberta to attempt ranching in 1909. However, his affection for badminton, bird watching an... more

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Mo..

After a hurricane levels his city, a young man wanders into a mysterious library where books literally come to life. Directors: William Joyce, Brandon Oldenburg  Writ... more


The fibers of our being are what we seek to control. Through dance, do we fight the chaos or let it go? “Fibers” was made by a team of third year Character Animation and... more

The Wanderer

The Wanderer goes through an entire life during the course of the day and dies when the day ends. In the end he comes to term with the conditions of his life.  “The Wande... more

The Great Harlot and the Beast

How will the naive freshly carved prince and his co-actors withstand their audience's insatiable appetite for entertainment? “The Great Harlot and the Beast” was made by... more


Following his dog’s kidnapper through a relentlessly moving city, the warmhearted vagabond Dio discovers how far society has gone to keep up its pace. “Vagabond” w... more


Haru returns home in denial after a tsunami, where he must learn to deal with his loss through an encounter with a magical sea Spirit. “Tsunami” was made by a team of th... more

Porcelain (subbed)

Bachelor film project from The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark. CREDITS Christoffer Andersen, Carmen Hannibal, Erik M. Thygesen, Ida Mårtensson, Martin Hjelholt Brun Pede... more

Under The Fold

Graduation film from The Animation Workshop, Denmark. CREDITS Bo Juhl Nielsen, Niels Andersen Dolmer, Rune Rask Langkilde, Sara Mai Olsen, Simon Lee Bresling, Stine Agerskov Frands... more


Graduation film from The Animation Workshop, Denmark. CREDITS Johan Steén, Clara Baidel, Mads R. Ahm, Edith Bach, Michelle N. M. Kristensen, and Dionysis Douliakas. more

Out of Bounds

Graduation film from The Animation Workshop, Denmark. CREDITS: Viktoria Piechowitz, Andreea Jebelean, Adrian Walt, Stephen C. Brossman, Laika A. Laursen, Natalia Marcos, Ida Må... more