The Reward | Two boys go on an epic..

The two boys, Vito and Wilhelm, find a treasure map that will take them out on an epic adventure hunting a treasure that in the end turns out to be much different than they had expec... more

Ride Of Passage

Toki's tribe expects him to bring home the head of the biggest animal possible. In return, he will receive honor and respect. However, this rite of passage does not turn out as plann... more

Trailer Project: Apocalypse Now

A student project made by a crack team of 2nd year Character Animators and CG Artists at The Animation Workshop/VIA UC in Viborg, Denmark. Their assignment: To do a 30 second trailer... more

ParaNorman Official Trailer #2 - St..

ParaNorman Official Trailer #2 - Stop Motion Movie (2012) HDA misunderstood boy who can speak with the dead, takes on ghosts, zombies and grown-ups to save his town from a centuries-... more

Booba (HD) | Episode 2 - Curiousity..

Booba is a very funny and curious pet.He is about 70 cm tall and playful and inquisitive like a 6 year old kid. It`s a mystery where he originates from, but seems like he obviously m... more

Minions Official Trailer #3 (2015) ..

Minions Official Trailer #3 (2015) - Despicable Me Prequel HD. Gru is recruited by an organization to stop Scarlet Overkill, a super-villain who, alongside her inventor husband ... more

Parrot Away

The ugly parrot Pierre gets lucky when a fashionable pirate is being just a little too fashionably late … “Parrot Away” was made by a team of third year Character... more

A Ninja Love Story | A vacationing ..

A vacationing ninja finds true love, but it's much more than he expected. Les Dangereux - A Ninja Love Story (2010) | Animation - ComedyProduced by http://www.animationmentor.comFor... more

BEYOND THE LINES | Violence, throug..

What happens when the violence of a battlefield is seen through the eyes of children? Only a written feeling that floats in the air. BEYOND THE LINES (2013) | Animation - Family / A... more

Monsters University Trailer #2 2013..

Monsters University Trailer #2 2013 - Official Disney-Pixar movie trailer 2 in HD - starring Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Dave Foley - directed by Dan Scanlon, produce... more

MEMORIA (HD) | A dark and twisted e..

Addicted to drugs and living on the streets in denial, Vincent ends up in an abandoned house, where a dark and twisted entity forces him to face his suppressed past. MEMORIA (2013) ... more

AZARKANT (HD) | A Robot survivor in..

A huge spaceship that get lost on the edge of the universe. Within which everything is dead, and has sunk into oblivion. People have died and no one will tell you what happened here.... more

ENTRACTE | 3D CGI Musical Dance Num..

A cleaning lady with a monotonous everyday life and a mime artist without success, will meet through a glass.. ENTRACTE (2013) | 3D Animation - Musical / RomanceSubscribe to ESMA ht... more

Alma (HD) | Whats more to a strange..

Alma, a little girl, skips through the snow covered streets of a small town. Her attention is caught by a strange doll in the window of an antique toy shop. Fascinated, Alma decides ... more