My Dear Is Tender | 3D CGI Animatio..

Four ogres meet in a restaurant, run by trolls, where they are accustomed to have a feast. My Dear Is Tender (2014) | Animation - ComedySubscribe to ESMA more

GHOST | MechWarrior and Future Sold..

Cool mechwarriors and future soldiers battling in space. GHOST (2011) | Animated - Action / SciFiProduced at Sheridan College ( CREDITS: Created, Animated... more

Ride Of Passage

Toki's tribe expects him to bring home the head of the biggest animal possible. In return, he will receive honor and respect. However, this rite of passage does not turn out as plann... more


Haru returns home in denial after a tsunami, where he must learn to deal with his loss through an encounter with a magical sea Spirit. “Tsunami” was made by a team of th... more

LEIT MOTIF (HD) Jazz Player is visi..

Leitmotif is the story of the last lonely member of a jazz band, only living through his music and the daily visits of a white cat. One day the nostalgia takes over -- and he has a c... more

Cable (HD) | Hot sexy vixen runs fo..

A sexy vixen wakes up to be attached to a device, as she explores she finds herself racing for her life as she falls holding onto anything she can. Get ready for the ride. Cable (20... more


Its a race between the Dodge challenger car and Boeing Aeroplane, See whose more fast. Original shot: 711:400Software Used: Autodesk 3ds max, Adobe After effects, Adobe Premiere - R... more

THE CHAMP | Hilarious Stop Motion A..

A little boy obsessed with professional wrestling gets the birthday present of a lifetime. The Champ (2014) | Stop motion - Family / ComedyProduced at Sheridan College (https://www.... more

The Pirates! Band of Misfits (2012)..

In The Pirates! Band of Misfits, Hugh Grant stars in his first animated role as the luxuriantly bearded Pirate Captain - a boundlessly enthusiastic, if somewhat less-than-successful,... more

Heist - Comercial Animado Coca-Cola

Destapá felicidad y sentí la refrescancia de Coca-Cola. more

Film_Transformer Audi/Meconopsis (F.. réalisé par l'équipe technique de Meconopsis pour fêter les 9 ans de la société. Making of inclus.Notre chaine ... more

Chaman (HD) Discover the magical wo..

A curious child will discover the magical world behind the ritual of the shamans of his tribe. Chaman (2010) | Animation - Fantasy / AdventureProduced at GOBELINS, l'école de... more

Monsters, Inc. 3D Official Trailer ..

Monsters, Inc. 3D Official Trailer #1 (2012) Pixar Animated Movie HDMonsters generate their city's power by scaring children, but they are terribly afraid themselves of being contami... more

CLOUDY DAY | A Machine which turns ..

In a world depleted by water, a man goes on a crusade to capture clouds and convert them to water. All is well until he stumbles on the giant storm, has he captured to much? Cloudy ... more