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In another dimension humanity is being conjured up by a creature out of this world. Will he succeed for the 4th time? Ephemere (2008) | Animation - Family / Fantasy / ChildrenProduc... more

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Mr Hublot Official Trailer (2013) - Oscar Winning Animated Short Film Movie HDMr Hublot is a withdrawn, idiosyncratic character with OCD, scared of change and the outside world. Robo... more

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A couple desperate for a child inadvertently manage to conceive a full grown antelope instead of a baby. It actually doesn't do that bad. ANTELOPE RICHARDS (2014) | Animation - Come... more


Following his dog’s kidnapper through a relentlessly moving city, the warmhearted vagabond Dio discovers how far society has gone to keep up its pace. “Vagabond” w... more

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