MORTYS | 3D CGI Animation Comedy - ..

In the 21st century, a mother and son have an emotional and generational conflict, except for one small detail: the mother is none other than death. Mortys (2011) | Animation - Come... more

The Forest (HD) | Day dreaming does..

Antonia is a 12 year old girl. She often has daydreams, in which she wanders of in to a magical far away forest, were she hides from the problems of the real world. One day, however,... more

Ad for Snickers ( Uber cool VFX) uses Krakatoa on VFX-Intensive Ad for Snickers via BBDO Moscow. Credits & Description: Project: Snickers “TAG”Director: Alex & Steffe... more


Trucs and machines are enemy states, but can there be love between them? Trucs & Machins (2010) | Animation - Family / ComedyProduced at ArtFX ( CREDITS: Di... more

Departure of Love Film (HD) | Love ..

Old fashioned love story between a man and a woman...Inspired by the silent film comedy of Buster Keaton and the 1920's. Departure of Love (2010) | Animation - Romance / FamilyProdu... more

The Archiver | 3D CGI VFX Animated ..

A pilot, travelling through space, returns from a mission... The Archiver (2011) | Animation - SciFi / Fantasy / AdventureProduced at ARTFX ( CREDITS: Film by Thoma... more

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence - E..

My made english trailer for the cult cyberpunk anime movie "Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence" directed by Mamoru Oshii. The sequel of "Ghost in the Shell". Based on the manga by Shiro... more

Memorize (HD) | A world where Human..

******WARNING: Video contains or implies explicit violence. It may not be appropriate for all viewers.***** In 2027, everyone is implanted with a chip - the Memorize-chip. It records... more

VOILE NOIR | War Adventure in the S..

Allan and Yvan, two pilots, go on a plane mission to try to end the chaotic current polity... Voile Noir (2011) | Animation - War / ActionProduced at ARTFX ( CREDIT... more

Silent Night (HD) | Santa is Robbin..

Just in time for Christmas a Robber decides to break in through the chimney and has quite the resemblance to Santa Claus. Silent Night (2011) | Animation - ComedyProduced at Sherida... more

NOKOMI | 3D CGI Animation Short Ad..

The awkward relationship between Nokomi, a small Inuit girl and her father will lead it into an extraordinary adventure with a snow monster. Nokomi (2012) | Animation - FamilyProduc... more

AMOCK | 3D VFX Live action - Horrif..

A pair of students filming their lunch pranks stumble on an odd creature in the school basement. Cute isn't always what it seems. AMOCK (2009) | Live Action CG - Thriller / Document... more

KALKI | 3D VFX Animated - World cri..

In a world crippled by oil wars, economy & chaos the tenth incarnation of God rises. As one of the ancient verse reads : "Whenever righteousness declines, and unrighteousness inc... more

Olympiads: Faster, Higher, Stronger..

Film about ancient Greek mythological creatures competing in the Olympic Games. The story follows a satyr and minotaur both trying to impress their respective crush with their athlet... more