The God | There is a limit of toler..

A bronze statue of the Hindu deity, Shiva, the personification of calm, is irritated by a pesky fly and comes to life in order to rid himself of it. But in his increasingly frustrate... more

Nike Football: The Last Game ft. Ro..

The Last Game' is a story about risky football versus safe football.The scientist and the clones want to prove that riskless football is more effective.Ronaldo Fenomeno and the origi... more

Finally (HD) | Can't wait for Zombi..

The Zombie apocalypse is upon us! Now is the time to take fate into one's own two hands...Finally! "Finally" (2012) | Animation - ComedyProduced at Sheridan College (http://www.sher... more

SHORT LOVE STORY | Love is a canvas..

A couple of pencil-outlined birds escape from a little girl´s drawing, leading us through the life she dreams of. A Short Love Story (2008) | Stop Motion - RomanceFor more inf... more

Short Short: Show Me the Honey

"Short short film" created by a team of 1st year Character Animators and CG Artists from The Animation Workshop, Denmark. Each team was given one month to do their film and assigned ... more

ALARM (HD) | Its hard to wake up in..

A short film about a guy who has major problems getting up in the morning. Alarm (2009) | Animation - ComedyProduced by Mesai ( more information on the fil... more


When Ironman goes to test out his new suit, he is ambushed by an unknown enemy. Who will win? . IRONMAN vs. WAR MACHINE (2014) | Live Action - Action CREDITS: Directed & Animat... more

NUISIBLES (Pests) | Giant awakens a..

A whole city is on alert as a giant MAN awakens from his sleep. NUISIBLES (2010) | Live Action CGI - Family / FantasyProduced by ArtFX ( CREDITS: Directed by: Erick... more

L'Herboriste (HD) | The Past Always..

A man in the twilight of his life is enjoying the sunset. The balance shifts when everything he ran away from him catches up with him. L'HERBORISTE (2010) | Animation - Sci-FiProduc... more

Big Buck Bunny (HD) | Giant rabbit ..

A giant rabbit with a heart bigger than himself. When one sunny day three rodents rudely harass him, something snaps... and the rabbit ain't no bunny anymore! In the typical cartoon ... more

This Side Up | Sure about your pers..

A naive music-lover's patience is tested on his quest to download music online, as his perspective on technology completely changes. This Side Up (2009) | Animation - ComedyProduced... more

Somewhere (HD) | What happens when ..

A man surrounded by architectural wonders reaches the ends of nothingness. Somewhere (2011) | Animation - Surreal / ConceptualProduced at Sheridan College (http://www.sheridancolleg... more

RUNAWAY | 3D VFX Live Action MAD MA..

Ernest runs a gas station lost in the middle of a desert. His nap is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a massive customer. RUNAWAY (2013) | Live Action CGI - Sci-Fi / Thriller ... more

My Father, Excalibur and Me | The "..

The young Arthur is shut in a funny routine since his clumsy father returned from the dead to haunt him. Day and night, Arthur is the target of his bad jokes... Until the day when Ar... more