I am a self-taught visual artist from Wellington, New Zealand. Born in November of 1985, I grew up in a conservative household with little to no influence in art. However during the odd trip to see grandma and grandad, I would commonly be found loitering in their very own ‘Disney room’ where I would watch countless hours of cartoons and make my way through every ‘How to Draw Disney’ book on the shelf.

This certainly played an important role in feeding my desire to draw twisted, goofy cartoons for a living. Although I constantly doodled and sketched throughout my childhood, I didn't come into taking my craft seriously until my mid twenties when I moved to the city of Bristol in the United Kingdom, where the art scene is huge and is home to some of the worlds top graffiti artists, tattoo artists and illustrators. These people inspired me to abandon my somewhat wreckless lifestyle, knuckle down, and focus on learning as much as I could about the world of art and illustration.

Since then I've been diligently working on creating my own brand, flaky-chump which are the two main elements that are present in most of my work. Flaky meaning twisted, or unusual, Chump meaning idiot or fool. It very much defines me as a person as well I think.

Flakychump is now becoming recognised internationally. My art has been shown in galleries, on walls and shop fronts and I was also lucky enough to be published in my first book in 2012. I was also given the opportunity to paint at Europe’s largest graffiti and street art festival for two years running, being selected from a group of over 400 applicants.

I am very thankful to everyone that has supported me over the past couple of years and it has been a very humbling experience to meet and work along side many of my favourite artists. It is you folk that give me the motivation to try harder everyday.

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