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This triumph of perseverance is this collection of 56 poems written by Mental Health Advocate and Founder of and his guest writers including TEDx Speaker Marcelino "Frost Flow" DeCosta and foreword by Angela Gorran, Olympian Contender & Athlete Ambassador for the Canadian Wildlife Federation and Founder of SokJok Inc & Endurance Insurance.

A nearly ten year battle with depression and ten unsuccessful suicide attempts has surcome to this collection of poems. Each poem represents overcoming the odds with malicious individuals and mental illness trying to make you give in along with finding an identity and worth in an evolving society. Joshua embodies a warrior in each poem he writes, with the ‘never give up’ attitude demonstrating to others to take pride in their character and journey while leaving a lasting legacy in their lifetime.

"My name is Joshua Busuttil. In this body of work I talk about my journey while reflecting on the three major periods in my life. I was bullied at a very young age for being a heavy kid in elementary school. Second due to my manifestation of Tourette Syndrome. Lastly I loved ones in my life whom passed away in a tragic fashion (Grandfather and Two close friends)."

The book showcases guest writers and their poems. Guests include Damien Ciaputa, Rickel Hinds, Daniel Sidorowicz, Dawid Kumidaj, Andre Allen, Daniel Salij, Boydie Blackwood, Mark Flemming, Molly Isabella Roach, Paul Edward Costa, Anna Anita, Andres Pacheco.

Published by Mad Artist Publishing LTD. (MAP), Editor-in-Chief: Marcin Migdal, Associate Editor: Madiha Marium offers a wide range of professional services for authors, self-publishers and indie publishers, including distribution, printing, marketing, and book publicity. Let’s put you on the MAP. 

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