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"Art Collab – Artistic Collaboration in the Digital Era Is a celebration of diversity; diversity of cultures, techniques, styles and creative thinking." The World Wide Web has changed the ways of the Art Community. Today there are no boundaries for artists from around the globe to interact with each other, exchange experiences and creative juice. The Digital Era has ignited a true creative genesis where the “ordinary” person has the chance to create and present something “extraordinary” to a web audience and where the so-called “artists” can grow, learn and re-invent themselves at a much faster pace within a web of information. This book presents to you a little slice of pie of what happens when one join forces with other creative minds, in person and/or through the means of the internet. You can create something big and innovative, no matter where you are: your imagination is the limit.

If you are an art lover, a creative mind, an artist who is curious about what happens around the Art Community, is in search of new ideas for your next big project and/or is willing to grow and stretch your artistic skills, this book is for you. You are invited to take a closer look at this collection of collaborative projects and their makings as well as enjoy the articles and beautiful illustrations we have gathered here for you! Artists included in the book are Adrian Schmetz / Amir hossein Erfani / Ben Ami Scopinho / Dariusz Zawiazalec / Diego de almeida / Fernando ferreiro / Ira Krykun / ISIS SOUSA / Juliana Karina / Kim Edwin Jektvik / Lampros Kalfuntzos / Mario lopez / Markus Schlogl / Stephanie Rose.

Product Details: 7" x 10" (17.78 x 25.4 cm) 102 Full Color Pages on Bright White paper (Trade Edition Matte Cover). View Isis's portfolio at Authored by Mad Artist Publishing, Illustrated & Authored by Isis Sousa, Editor-in-chief Marcin Migdal, Editorial coordination by Alellie (Allie) Gomez, Managing editor Arnaldo Pedroza Quintini, Guest editor Angel Brkic, Associate editor Madiha Marium Khan, Prepared for publication by Maliha Fatima Khan, Other Jawad Ahmad, Other Douglas Osterhoudt. Watermarks are removed and Full Screen Mode is enabled once you buy the eBook and login. 

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