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"I am continually trying to find new techniques to paint and draw while mixing digital and traditional techniques. It is a great challenge every day.” Caricature is the satirical illustration of a person or a thing, but a cartoon is the satirical illustration of an idea. in this innovative book brought to you by the folks at, you’ll enjoy a collection of hilarious celebrity illustrations and learn about the concepts and inspiration that drives Creative Director, Illustrator, Caricaturist Alberto Russo to achieve them.Learn professional caricature and illustration techniques from a master, read tips and advice and be entertained by a great selection of playable videos right from the book.

Art Contest Results: See All JIMI HENDRIX entries. 1st Place : Vincenzo Altamore. - 2nd Place: Faabio Barba. 3rd Place: Cedric “Disfod” Routier. Notable artist mentions are Germán Luna (Peru), Marcelo Marchese, Jeff Schultz, Patricio Cassanello, Efrain Malo, Ramu Kondaparth, Jiwenk Wae, Adam Roberts, Barry Morris, Ben Tripp. Please read our Contest Submission Rules & Procedures and sharpen your pencils for the next challenge.. soon!

What other great artists are saying about Alberto's work:

"Alberto is, to me, one of the few who has this talent to create powerful and iconic pieces of art.” Thomas Lebeltel (FR) Facebook   Website
“Every painting or drawing by Alberto shows his love for art, and facial architecture. His caricatures are breathtaking, original, and funny. Looking at his work always makes me want to paint!”   ~ Wouter Tulp (NL)
FaceBook. Visit his website

“Browsing through Alberto’s work is a lust for the eye. He always gets a great likeness, but his art goes far beyond that... just look at the brush strokes or the pencil lines: they are always honest, like sketches should be. All the sketches are great, and my preferred ones are the ‘roughest’ ones, dynamic compositions with a lot of structure and light-dark contrast in it.This is real art!”   ~ Jan Op De Beeck (BE)  

“I had great pleasure in admiring the incredible evolution of Alberto’s work. He has really created a unique style, varying virtuosity with different techniques and the mastery of distortion to create good caricatures. The perfect alchemy he creates will enable him to become one of the top people in this area.”   ~ Anthony Geoffroy (FR)“  Facebook  Website

“Alberto Russo’s work brings a freshness and excitement to the art of caricature! Caricature set aside, his drawings are full of life and that is key to capturing solid character. His work, filled with a gritty and edgy mood pulls me in and leaves me wanting more!”   ~ Jason Seiler (USA)“ Facebook  Website

There is some magic about doing caricature that artists can not tools and even the resemblance. Is a mix of that “everything” in perfect balance, and “that” my colleague Alberto Russo, has it.”   ~ Jota Leal (USA) Facebook Website

“Alberto Russo’s many graphic researches in pencil prove that he is perfectly capable of leaving his computer behind when he draws caricatures. Not many people can say the same today even though the quality of today’s images is higher than ever thanks to the challenges created by Facebook for people drawing caricatures. The risk is that finalising them in a realistic photographic way with the computer creates monotony and uniformity of style. Only adepts of traditional drawing will make a difference, and Alberto is one of them.”   ~ Jean Mulatier (FR) Facebook 


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