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We've put together a beautiful book for you to get inspired and learn some professional tricks and techniques from a successful internationally published photographer, retoucher and educator Julia Kuzmenko McKim. The cover photo won second place in the global Wacom & AfterCapture Digital Imaging Contest 2012 in the Portrait category, and you can follow its retouching process with Julia in a 5-page illustrated text and 40-minute narrated video workshop. It's an inspirational book with lots of beautiful images, retouching tips, articles and a few illustrated text and video tutorials for amateur and professional photographers who edit their work in Adobe Photoshop. This book is created with intermediate and advanced Photoshop users in mind, so if you are a beginner, please start with our "Creative Retouching Essentials in a Day" interactive ebook to ensure the things that are used and demonstrated in the video workshop and tutorials in this book make sense to you.


  • Pages 24-28: Cover Image Illustrated TextWorkshop
  • Pages 36-37: Retouching Face + Video (13 min)
  • Page 44: Cover Image Video Retouching Workshop (42min)
  • Pages 50-51: Photographing & Retouching Hair + Video (10 min)
  • Tons of Images & Real World Photography & Retouching Tips
  • Articles on Shooting on Location, in Studio, Working with Models
  • Custom Beauty Brushes & Actions (see Digital Goodie Bag subfolder) (only in digital book)
  • Pages 58-59: Working with the custom Brushes & Actions mentioned above + Video (30 min) (only in digital book)
  • The video tutorials in this book are private Youtube videos exclusively accessible to the readers of this book
  • There's also a download option to store the exclusive video tutorials and workshop on your computer and watch offline on page 9 (additional fee of $9.99 applies).
  • and a lot more!

There's a 25% discount code for the print version of the book that you will receive upon the purchase of the digital book, so if you'd like to have both the custom Actions & Brushes along with the video tutorials and the print version of the book - start with the ebook and get your print copy with a 25% discount.

Here's what Krunoslav Stifter, a fellow artist from Croatia, industry expert and one of the top educators, the author of "The Art of Dodge & Burn" educational retouching DVD has to say about it:
"I have to say my first good impression was surpassed by the second impression and more detailed look of your book. Really well done. Great attention to details, amazing visual presentation and layout. Your style is consistent thought the book and makes it a very pleasant read.

The book is filled with ton of useful tips on almost every page. And it's not just the tips, there is also a workflow explanation for various common situations. From skin retouching to hair retouching.

The addition of interactivity by links to full retouching videos was a brilliant move. We live in the world of interactivity and video is the staple of that online lifestyle and including videos in the traditional book approach really works incredibly well and particularly since it's so well done. 

For a book that is 95 pages long with images there is surprisingly a lot of information. And there is the contribution of the entire team of creative professionals who contributed to the books content. It can be felt thorough the book. It's all pointing in the same direction though, how to get the most out of your photography and be effective in postproduction. There are quite a few examples of images and lighting setups. Most of it is covered in details and with valuable real-world tips. I think it is valuable to photographers as it is to retouchers.  

As a bonus there are actions and brushes included with accompanying videos and text explanations. There is also section about self-promotion and copyright and some personal tips from various fashion, portrait and glamour photographer's and they are surely welcomed.

There are so many beautiful images in the book that it's really a treat to the eyes and I did not feel like it's overpowering the text. Seems like a good mix of images, text and videos. Included are also lots of additional resources supplied as links to various educational sites, artists to follow, modeling agencies. Inspiration is thought the book, in fact the book itself is very inspirational and not just technical information and I think that makes it a refreshing blend of the two.

The effort put into the book is seen on every page and it's a delight to keep turning pages.  I would definitely recommend the book to anyone who is interested in expanding his or her knowledge on Beauty, Fashion & Portrait Photography as well as digital retouching. It's not a be-all and end-all book, but there is no such thing anyway. I would  recommend to include this book in your collection for you are bound to find something worth the investment. If you don't find it in this book than you might consider you are in the wrong industry. "


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Jamillette Gaxiola (Miss Cuba Earth 2009, the Clifton Shores Reality TV Show star (South Africa), Victoria's Secret Fashion Show model, Las Vegas 2011), Catherine Muldoon (Miss Virginia 2012), Fernanda Romero (model, singer & Hollywood actress), Tyla Bertolli (The X-Factor Australia 2011 Finalist), Ashley "Rae" Weisz (America's Next Top Model's Cycle 13 contestant), Sherri Jessee (beauty expert, internationally published celebrity stylist and makeup artist), Mikala Vandenbroucke (makeup artist, hairstylist and educator), Miss Orchid Mei (Burlesque Performer, Denver, CO), Krunoslav Stifter (professional Beauty retoucher & educator), Marta Dahlig (award-winning, globally published digital artist), Copyright attorney at law David L. Amkraut (Los Angeles, California),, Totally Rad,,

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