Ekaterina Zagustina (aka KatjaFaith) is a Russian illustrator and photographer. The base of most of her works is a photograph, digitally manipulated and/or mixed with digital painting. Among her publications are several book covers for Apex Book Company, Viaje a Bizancio Ediciones, cover art for THE SORROW KING by Andersen Prunty, EXIT by Shane Filer, as well as some other book illustrations and CD-covers (US, Canada, Spain, Russia). Her works have been featured in PhotArt, Fashion Collection, BigMag, Sugarkiss Magazine, Sketchozine, Apex Magazine, #photography, etc.

Among the awards are:

- Trierenberg Super Circuit and Special Themes Circuit 2012: Goldmedal (subcategory)
- Prix de la Photographie (Px3) People's Choice Awards 2012: Bronze (Special: Digitally Enhanced)
- International Photography Awards (IPA) 2012: Honorable mention (Special: Digitally Enhanced)
- Trierenberg Super Circuit and Special Themes Circuit 2013: Goldmedal of Excellence (Special Themes)
- IPA 2013 Non-Professional: Honorable mention (Special: Digitally Enhanced)
- Trierenberg Super Circuit and Special Themes Circuit 2014: Goldmedal of Excellence (Special Themes)
and some others.

Ekaterina making a book

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Videos Contest Entries

1160 1 in Photo Manipulation

1062 0 in Photo Manipulation
Little Red Riding Hood

1286 0 in Photo Manipulation

1162 0 in Photo Manipulation

1256 0 in Photo Manipulation
Mother Anorexia

1202 0 in Photo Manipulation
Seeds of Loneliness

1634 1 in Photo Manipulation

1180 0 in Photo Manipulation
Capricorn Fields

1235 1 in Photo Manipulation
The Mermaid

1072 0 in Photo Manipulation
The State of Liberty

1119 0 in Photo Manipulation

198 0 in Photo Manipulation

1292 1 in Photo Manipulation
Requiem for a Small God

1209 1 in Photo Manipulation
Hall of Fame

164 0 in Photo Manipulation

178 2 in Photo Manipulation

165 0 in Photo Manipulation

158 0 in Photo Manipulation

172 1 in Photo Manipulation

416 1 in Photo Manipulation

170 1 in Photo Manipulation

175 0 in Photo Manipulation

197 0 in Photo Manipulation

175 0 in Photo Manipulation

843 0 in Photo Manipulation
Brainville: ETHE_REAL

903 0 in Photo Manipulation
Gravity: Falling in Love

884 0 in Photo Manipulation

960 0 in Photo Manipulation
Perpetuum Mobile

831 0 in Conceptual
Mirrorland: The Broken Hemispheres

809 0 in Conceptual

838 0 in Illustrations: Conceptual1

695 0 in Illustrations: Conceptual1
The Sea of Tranquility

729 0 in Conceptual
Traces of Absolute

792 0 in Conceptual
Within the Universe of Chaos: Resurrection

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