I’m Klaus Wittmann (1988), digital artist, currently living and studying in ?ód?, Poland. During my studies I had an opportunity to be involved in international movie productions and I realized that I’m able to fulfill myself in this industry. Currently I’m working as a freelancer on various commissions associated with movies and games business – including project straight form Hollywood that I’m not allowed to talk about at this moment. Mostly the subject of my works is connected with post apocalyptic theme with sci-fi elements. The atmosphere is dark and confusing full of destroyed, filthy places and strange characters. Probably the influence comes from the place I live. ?ód? is full of post industrial factories, abandoned buildings all with befouled mood. Moreover I’m fascinated with the vibe of my favorite game series - Fallout. I mainly use Photoshop to overpaint previously created 3d assets and photobashes.

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Videos Contest Entries

695 0 in Conceptual
Klaus Wittmann - Plane

1253 0 in Conceptual
Klaus Wittmann - Plane crash

709 0 in Conceptual
Battle Commander Strategy Facility by Klaus Whittmann

861 0 in Photo Manipulation
Battle Commander Strategy Room II by Klaus Whittmann

719 0 in Conceptual
Blade Runner by Klaus Whittmann

829 0 in Architecture & Construction
Londons by Klaus Whittmann

763 0 in Portraits & Figures
Waterloooo by Klaus Whittmann

704 0 in Conceptual
shippp by Klaus Whittmann

838 0 in Conceptual
Tropical Cathedral by Klaus Whittmann

802 0 in Conceptual
Cathedral by Klaus Whittmann

775 0 in Conceptual
Viking metropolis by Klaus Whittmann

767 0 in Conceptual
World Gate by Klaus Whittmann

1995 0 in Architecture & Construction
Klaus Wittman Digital Painting - Asylum

834 0 in Architecture & Construction
Cabin in the woods - Klaus Wittman

838 0 in Illustrations: Character Design
William - Klaus Wittmann Digital Painting

811 0 in Portraits & Figures
Klaus Wittmann - Swamp

744 0 in Conceptual
Blue Knightz by Klaus Whittmann

844 1 in Portraits & Figures
Cyber Ninja by Klaus Whittmann

735 0 in Portraits & Figures
Redd by Klaus Whittmann

809 0 in Illustrations: Character Design
Max 28 by Klaus Whittmann

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